Sunday, June 26, 2011

Every Mother's Struggle

This is every mother's inner struggle and honestly, I would be worried about you if you DIDN'T worry about such things.  We all worry about whether we're doing right by our children, whether or not we give them enough attention or give them the opportunities they need.  And believe me, from experience, if you think it's bad now....the worry and the self only gets worse.  I have adopted a mantra and you are more than welcome to it.  I adopted it when I was preggo with Revel because as you know I'm sure...everyone wants to tell you a horror story they heard about their dog's sister's cousin's uncle who was pregnant and soemthing TERRIBLE happened.  Or they want to tell you what you should or should not be eating or doing.  So I started telling myself and others:

Women in third world countries have happy, healthy children everyday. 

and in turn, being an educated and well grounded modern mother, your children will be fine.
So to answer your question.....YES you are completely ridiculous and totally irrational....and completely NORMAL!  Sam knows who his momma is...and in the next year or so, you will see evidence of it more and more.

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