Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Room Curtain Dilemma


That dinner sounds delish. Being big beef eaters in this household we're always a little cautious when cooking with chicken but we made some skewers the other day on the grill and they were pretty tasty. I also whipped up some beans and rice that I'll have to post on here some day. That recipe reminds me a little of these Pineapple Meatballs (this site is full of great recipes) which are also super easy if you are feeling lazy and use frozen meatballs which I'll admit we've been know to do around these parts. We should do a series of posts one week about our favorite recipe sites. Inquiring minds want to know what we feed our families. Seriously. But, alas, this post is about CURTAINS!!!

So, I did some measurement taking and realized I'm kind of screwed. My original plan was to do the one long continuous rod thing. (I hope that doesn't send us a bunch of porn spam. Maybe I should rephrase that?) But unfortunately the wall is 13 ft. 4 in. long and the longest curtain rod I could find at Home Depot was a Martha Stewart 12 footer (144 inches). Martha never lets me down but with this curtain rod business she finally did. There is such a thing as a 160 inch curtain rod which would be EXACTLY the right length but it's online only and I don't have that kind of time. Plus, I would have to construct some curtains to go with the rod. 

Did I mention not only is my niece coming on Saturday but my mother-in-law and her mother are coming for two nights on Wednesday? Now I'm really in a pickle. 

I used simple vinyl roller shades in Sam's room and embellished with a crotched ring pull and some ribbon so I'm thinking that's where I'll go with these windows. But honestly I'm starting to feel like all signs are pointing to scrapping this project for now and moving on to something a little more manageable. 

Do you ever feel like the stars are aligning against you on a project? Maybe I'm meant to just take the next few days and clean the house and sew some cute stuff for Sam?

We have a new patio project brewing. And since I haven't posted a single picture I'll leave you with a little teaser...

Doesn't Sue look so excited?

I realize we are not following Proper Patio Prep Procedures but we're diy-ing it and as long as it looks like it's intended then I'm not terribly worried how we get there. I get excited every time I look out the back door these days.

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