Monday, June 20, 2011

HELP! I have sewers block!

Okay so we tried the banana ice cream tonight with peanut butter mixed in and I was the only one who liked it...BOO!  I thought it was wonderful.  I am planning on trying it again with the chocolate, chocolate makes everything better, right?

Curtains Curtains and More Curtains
I completely condone putting a project away for later...that's what I like to call it, sounds much better than procrastination don't ya think.  It took me 3 months to get started on Revel's and I only got one done because I cut the fabric in the wrong direction and now don't have enough to finish.  So until I get back to Walmart (my most dreaded of places) I can't finish.  Story of my life!  So you putting your curtains down for a bit means once again that we are one and the same.  Besides, sewing for the little ones is WAY more fun. Speaking of which, brings me to my new project, which I have put away until I get inspiration.  And without further ado...
I was at Target wondering around in the clothing section.  I literally have to check every clothing dpt (except preteen girls) because someone in my house wears every other size.  So I was looking in the mens dpt seeing what was new and they had these tops for $7, and I thought "can't beat that".  I make clothes for Ollie all the time similar to this, why wouldn't it work for here we go.
First I took the shirt and tried it on and put in a pin at around the natural waist.  You can see my pin in the picture.  I then cut about a half and inch below that point for seam allowance.  (I already have a project for the bottom section when I get this done (if I ever do).  I then measured the bottom of the shirt and doubled the measurement  for the waist of the skirt.  I then used the leftover sheet that I used for Revel's curtains last week and cut a huge rectangle using the doubled measurement from the skirt opening.  I then sewed the back seam to make a circle and gathered the top to fit the shirt top.  Putting right sides together I sewed the skirt to the shirt and this is what I got.
Pay no attention to the length, it ended up WWAAYY too long and a quick hem is in the works.  So my question is...what next?  I mean it needs flair.  And for some reason if this was Ollie's dress I would have some fabulous idea and would have finished it and she would have worn it 12 times by and everyone would have raved about it.  But when it comes to my own clothes, no such luck.  So any ideas?  

Something Actually Completed
Another project that I actually completed was this lovely little area to display the kids artwork.  Ollie LOVES to color.  She could do it for hours and has literally painted almost every wall in my house, luckily crayola paint washes off...but here it is anyway....FLAIR and ALL! 

It is just a picture frame from Hobby Lobby that I found a while ago on SUPER SALE (I'm such a sucker for SUPER SALE)  with wire ran through the back of it.  I made the clothes pins by first spray painting them with an olive green.   Then took out the scrap bin and felt and started hot gluing.  Super fun and somewhere to put that pile of artwork other than the refrigerator.

My Favorite Time of Year
I love love love to grow things.  Did I mention LOVE IT?  It is totally an obsession.  So this year I took a plot at the community garden and things are  ablooming.  Today was the first day we were able to harvest anything and Revel and I were so excited.  It's not much, but it's the beginning of a beautiful summer crop...
Make that 3 Cayenne peppers!!  I know it's sad that I am so excited about this but...can't help myself. 
In another week there will be much more.  There will be many more posts to come about this so I'll go ahead and apologize  

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