Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi My Name Is Sheila, And I Am A Habitual Upcycler.

FIRST OF ALL!  Besides my past wardrobe choices, what about that hair!  What was my mother thinking?  I hope all never goes through whatever phase that was.  Now for the luau outfit, I am super proud of that because I spent all night making that bad boy and even sewed the pattern to the garment a few times on  Common mistake...RIGHT?..LOL. 

So here is the answer to your question and the quilt would be a SUPER cute idea.  And if you needed more shirts...the Thrift Store is always a great resource.  But this is what I found and I am now in love and don't have a button down shirt to use so I am going yard saling first thing in the morning for exactly that.

Upcycled man's shirt pink tunic - SMALL

The one above is SUPER cute however....the one below TOTALLY inspires me.  They had other pics on the blog of it worn the other way with the bow in the creative!!!  So I am going to try my hand at this bad boy with a little flair, you know I can't help myself.  So here's my challenge:  Lets both take a men's button down shirt, and make something for ourselves out of it.  I know you have company so you name the deadline. Then we can both post what we've done on the deadline day. You can make anything under the sun, top, bottom, and anything in between.

You have to check out this site even if you aren't impressed with this top (which how could you not  It has all kinds of great upcycled ideas.

And last but not least, this tutorial below is one I used to make Ollie a basic shirt pattern which I have used to make everything from cardigans to dresses to tank tops for her.  So this is the general concept for how I plan to make a pattern (or cut out) my shirt for this project.  It's super simple to follow and I'm pretty sure you took Patternmaking 101 so it is a good refresher for that.  I've tried the concept with shorts and pants for the little ones too and it works by the way.  But this pattern obviously won't have any darts so it won't be fitted at all and if that's what you want you'll have to get your patternmaking book out or get a pattern you can manipulate.  Mine won't have darts guaranteed. I am an instant gratification kinda gal.  Darts would be too much

Now having said all of this, I have just recently delved into the world of upcycling.  I have been using Josh's (my husband) old tshirts which are quite plentiful in this house.  I made Revel a pair of play shorts, Ollie a shirt and a cardigan (pic above).  The great thing about tshirts is...they don't fray so no hems...AND...they have such great graphics that they are always cute repurposed.  They are comfy and plentiful...who can beat that right?

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