Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi My Name Is.....

I guess I should start this blog out by introducing myself.  My name is Sheila, but I answer to pretty much anything (e.g. mom, momma, mommy, baby, hunny, etc)  Any of these will suffice and I assure you I've been called worse.  I live in the Midwest with my two kids, Revel 5, and Ollie 2, a wonderful husband, two dogs, two cats, and a fish named hawk (yes, that's right Hawk...that's what you get when you ask a two year old to name her 
I am a stay-at-home mom to this lovely family and the projects I undertake are my sanity.  These are the only way I can keep my head straight and I am excited to have an outlet to share with others.  My projects can include any medium but sewing is my passion.  EVERYTHING I do is on a shoe string budget and I hope to share with you my creative solutions to everything from home decor to dinner. 
Now as for my partner in crime...Emily and I were childhood friends who have drifted apart and back together over and over and over again.  We share passions for the same things and frequently have done this Q&A over email and facebook for quite some time.  She is sooo talented and I am honored to share this outlet with her.  So here we go....let the creativity begin.

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