Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The never ending project...curtains!

Okay, here is what my brain is filled with at the moment....

After being a military family for almost 10 years, a year and a half ago my husband left for what we hope will be better opportunities.  And having said that we bought a BEAUTIFUL (at least I think so) house.  Built in the 30's and has tons of character but with that comes the challenge of decorating what has been already decorated by tons of people for almost 100 years. 

SSSSOOOO this weeks project is curtains for my son's room.  His room was the first of the rooms in the house to be painted so it is a wonder to me why I have waited so long to make curtains to replace the HIDEOUS red mini blinds (yes that's what I said  RED)  Not to offend anyone, I know there are people out there who have them hanging in their windows now, and if you do, TAKE THEM DOWN!  I don't care how you look at it, it's not  Not only have I put off the project as a whole for a year and a half, BUT I have owned the sheet to make them for probably 6 months while I sewed and constructed probably 100's of other projects instead.  But this week I've decided to tackle the project.

So I've always loved the word work around all of the windows in our house and don't want to necessarily cover them up PLUS I have a dog that likes to tinkle on anything that touches the floor so they need to be high up.  Not to mention the most obvious, little ones grow and so do their tastes.  In 5 years I could be changing everything in this room and I don't want to make too big a fuss out of something that could be temporary.  So I started with a plain flat sheet from Walmart.  Mine happens to be grey to go with his colors in his room which are blue and black (chalkboard paint).  I measured the window and added 3 inches on the width measurement and 4 inches to the length measurement for seam allowances.

Next I ironed all the hems using a ruler at the correct measurement, 1.5 inch on each side and bottom leaving a 3 inch hem at the top for the casing to put my tension rod in.  I always find it's easier on larger items to press hems. (I'm sure it's easier on everything but sometimes I get ahead of myself, I'm very impatient.)

After getting it all sewn up which didn't take long at all, I hung it in the window.  Most people would say,"YAY!"  To most people, this would be completion, but for me, this is where my insanity steps in and of course I find fault with it.  Just too plain.  It needs something.  So here comes step 2 to Project Curtains.

I had a spare black sheet laying around that I have used for a table cloth over the years and it is no longer needed sooooo... I cut a piece the same width of the curtain and about 20 inches in height using one of the hems of the sheet as the hems (less work the better).  What was I going to do with this you ask...A POCKET!  Every curtain needs a pocket right?  And I couldn't stop there...bring on the paint and letter sponge stamps.  It was sooo much fun and Revel got to contribute to his new freakin awesome!  And I must say, for something I only paid $5 for (which was the grey sheet), I'm pretty proud. all the other pieces I have acquired from past projects.  It feels good to have something that is one of a kind and that contributes to the look of a room.  Hope you like them. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask...that's what I'm here for.

NOW!!!  Mrs. Emily!!  While we were stamping the curtains I got out the fabric markers and cut a white piece of cotton out into a rectangle and let them go at it.  (this project was originally to keep Ollie, the two year old, busy while we stamped, but Revel wanted to join)  What are some fun ideas I can make for them with these lovely pictures.  For Revel I thought it would be fun to make something he could carry to school next year as he starts kindergarten and will remind him of us when he thinks he's too big for  All ideas are welcomed....

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