Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THE dress!

NICE DRESS!  Why thank you, I made it!  Yep..finally complete and I love it.  it is exactly what I would make Ollie if it were her size and everytime I make sure something I think, "Why can't I ever come up with these super cute ideas for myself."  Well....WALA!  I love a dress with pockets so I decided to go in that direction.  A momma of two has a LOT of things to carry, Ollie carries alot of chapstick (I"m not kidding, she is obsessed)  But the ruffle was tough thoughh so here's the skinny on it.  All I did was take two different widths of fabric and baste them together.  Then gathered as normal.  BUT when sewing it...ease the tension on your presser foot and it will make it alot easier.

PS I loved the links for the ideas.  What a great site!  Will def keep bookmarked for the future.  This is why I love you, I ask a question and you give a million different answers...just up my ally.

While I am on the topic of sewing...I would like to rant about two things....FIRST OF ALL...why can't Joann's fabrics tear cotton fabric on the grain?  By the time I get it tear it on grain I have lost a good portion of the annoying.  SECOND OF ALL....I hate when I work with fabrics and I think I am working on the grain and when I go to tear something such as the hem (as with this dress)  It doesn't come out annoying!  It makes it even harder to get things even.  This is one of the many reasons I like to work with natural fabrics, because they are easy to find the grain and easier to work why can't it always be that easy..I don't get it.

Because I Know You Care
Some pics of the garden that I am literally watching grow. These are only from the yard not even close to what is  brewing at the community garden...but enjoy.

 This is Sonny my sunflower and he is staked with a broom stick and as you can tell, he is almost taller than the stake.
Why hello green bean!
So Ms. Em what are you working on since you've given up hope on the curtains for now?

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