Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ooooo, my turn, my turn.....

I'm Emily. I'm a working wife and mother to one 6 month old bouncing baby boy (the cutest baby in the world or so I'm told) and two dobermans. I am an all-around crafty sort of lady. You need new curtains? We can use drop cloths, bed sheets or embroidered silk taffeta, you pick. Need someone to show you how to make your own yogurt? I've seen a recipe for yogurt made in a slow cooker I'd like to try. Want to replace a light switch or fixture? That's what google and youtube are for. 

Basically, I'm pretty fearless when it comes to tasks around the house. With a little time to do some research, I can and will generally attempt just about anything. My hope with this blog is that what has begun as a simple conversation over email and facebook with a long-time friend will become a forum for other mothers and wives to weigh-in on how they would accomplish a specific task. After all, isn't there some saying you hear pretty regularly when it comes to raising children? "It takes a village."

Well, sometimes it takes a village to help you realize that your dining room chairs are hideous and your bathroom is painted the totally wrong color (Thanks Mom and Reid for letting me know you hated the mint green I picked, by the way). We are here to be that village. We are going to help each other make it through the trials and tribulations of crafting, cooking, and child-rearing.

So, Sheila. Let's get this party started. Working on anything good?

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