Thursday, June 16, 2011

Response for Sheila...

Okay, Sheila. Super cute curtains. I, too, have some bedsheet curtains hanging in my guest bathroom at the moment. They were in the master bedroom at our old rental house and since they are cotton and so easily washable I thought they would do great in our guest bath at the new house. Here are some pics.

Bedsheet curtains from old master bedroom.

Fabulously frumpy in the new guest bath. Ignore the mess. Sam is the only one who uses this bathroom right now.
Anywho, on to your question at the bottom of your post. Here it is again in case you missed it.

NOW!!!  Mrs. Emily!!  While we were stamping the curtains I got out the fabric markers and cut a white piece of cotton out into a rectangle and let them go at it.  (this project was originally to keep Ollie, the two year old, busy while we stamped, but Revel wanted to join)  What are some fun ideas I can make for them with these lovely pictures.  For Revel I thought it would be fun to make something he could carry to school next year as he starts kindergarten and will remind him of us when he thinks he's too big for  All ideas are welcomed....

I was thinking of something like this for Revel. 

Rainbow Pencil Roll
Obviously it doesn't have to be rainbow but I just really like all the colors. I think you should make him something he can be proud of but also something that won't embarrass him completely. I remember reading a blog post online somewhere about a crafty mom who made her son a pencil case for his first day of school. He was so excited and got to pick the fabric himself and was really proud of this fancy new pencil case. Then the first day of school came. All the other kids had shiny new plastic-box-style pencil cases and he wasn't so proud of his 'homemade' case anymore. Her post was more about how she was handling the fact that all the little things she used to enjoy making for her kids won't be valuable to them any longer because now there is the addition of peer pressure from kids at school. But I digress. Maybe if he had a little bag for Matchbox Cars or a wallet for his lunch money that would get him into less trouble on the playground?

As for little Miss Ollie. You could use it as an accent piece of fabric for an apron or dress. You could also laminate it and make a placemat. If she has a favorite doll you could make a little dress for that. Girls seem so much easier than boys when it comes to making things. Am I right about that, Sheila?

Now here is a question for you. Today is my first day of summer vacation and I have about a week and a half to get the guest room together before my 13 year old niece comes to stay with us for a week while she attends camp at the Shakespeare Festival. Our guest room is our catch-all right now and the thing that perturbs me the most is these horrible shutters.

You can see that the shutters are in various stages of opened or closed and that's because the geniuses who did the painting before we moved in actually painted the shutters in whatever position they were in. So I can't exactly open or close them without breaking them completely. Obviously, they need to go regardless of how quaint they might be.

Soooooo, I have 3 windows that fill up an entire wall and I need to remove the shutters and put up something in it's place that is aesthetically pleasing, cheap, and cheerful. I have some things in mind but it's always nice to hear another point of view. Any suggestions?

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