Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sewers block? Never heard of it ;)

That picture frame is a great idea. I'm actually thinking of doing something similar down our main hallway once Sam is of drawing age. I'm also contemplating a chalkboard wall on the long stretch of wall down that same hallway. Maybe do the clothesline thing above it. How is Revel's chalkboard wall faring? Is it a dusty mess? I've always wondered these things. Does your house have plaster walls or drywall?

So nobody was feeling the ice cream, huh? We haven't tried it yet but the bananas are in the freezer just waiting for us. It's hard to eat desert when you don't eat dinner until close to 9:30 p.m. Ah, life with a baby.

At first I read your title and thought "Sewers? Now we're talking about plumbing. I know a little something about taking apart a sink." And then I realized you meant SEWers of the stitching variety and realized I know a little something about that also.

The T-Shirt Dress Embellishment Extravaganza
Now you know I'm nothing if not full of ideas. It's part of my downfall. I have a hard time making a decision, focusing and sticking with it. I start off in one direction and inevitably wind up some place completely different. Okay, that being said I have a few ideas on what you can do. I will say that I agree that I rarely, if ever, make anything for myself. I don't have the luxury of a dress form and pinning on yourself is just a little more than I can manage. So here goes...

Freezer Paper Stencils. I've had a roll of freezer paper in my kitchen drawer for years just for this purpose but have yet to give it a whirl. What about stenciling something on a scrap from the bottom of the shirt and either hand stitching it decoratively as a patch near the shoulder (on the back would be cool) or waist seam? You could also do a reverse patch (I just made that up. I have no idea what it's technically called) and cut a hole in the garment and put the patch on from the inside.

Check out this crafty chica's DIY Fashion link. She can do some completely ridiculous things with stuff she has laying around or found at the thrift store and dollar store. Maybe you can find something in there to give you a little umph.

See anything that tickles your fancy?

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