Sunday, July 17, 2011

$8 Makeover

Romper to diaper cover...what a spectacular idea.   Any onesie they grow out of in length could be used as a diaper cover.  That is genius...wish I would have thought of that with Ollie.  Little girls have to have lots of diaper covers for their dresses.  What can I say Mrs. Emily...YOU ARE A GENIUS!

So what have I been up to?  Well on Friday I went to Walmart (the worst place on earth), which has turned into the "not so bad place on earth" now that Revel is in school.  But anyway, I digress, I am there to buy toilet paper, cat food (although to be honest they could use a little less food and a little more diet), and shampoo. 

So I'm walking through Walmart thinking these are the things I need, I'm trying to not look anywhere else, on a mission to get what I need.  But Walmart gets me every time...I decide, I mean while I'm here right, I'll see if they have drop clothes to cover ""My New BFF".  As I'm searching for the painting aisle I magically stumble upon the mistinted paint section....and there he was.  The most beautiful deep dark grey (almost black), at least I hoped that's what it was.  Half price made it only $8. 

Now believe me, I tried to walk away several times.  I may have even succeeded a few times.  But when I got everything to the check out, he magically least this is what I told my
I had talked about painting my entry way I dark color after seeing Emily's beautiful pictures of her navy dining room.  I felt like I needed a place that got alot of natural light and lots of white trim which my entry way accomodated both.  It's an itty bitty area, in fact I painted the entire thing with a brush, wasn't any use in getting out the roller for all over a couple spots.  So here it new favorite room in the house...

dun dun na na.....
I am never very good at posting before pics, I always get way too excited to get the project started and completely forget...but in the middle I remembered.
Isn't the yellow terrible...(say yes or  It was just so dirty from kids and animals and needed a facelift.

I realize this is not a good pic but it is overcast today and there wasn't enough natural light, you 'll just have to suck it up and maybe I can sneak a better pic into another post. 
Last but not least, I think "My New BFF" is fitting in perfectly, what do you think?

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