Monday, July 11, 2011

And The List Goes On....

Oh "No Time For Pie" how I have missed I love love love your finished shirt.  I love the use of the elastic, I would have never thought of that.  You have officially inspired me.  The pic of you and Sam with your boots on is too cute...I need to get mine out of the closet and rock 'em a bit more.  And...Sam is getting sooo big.  And as for your Murphy's Law post, that is the way my whole life  But I think that is part of my obsession...overcoming those obstacles and using creativity and what I've got lying around to solve the problems.  I ALWAYS pin bias tape in the wrong direct (Murphy's Law) and I have had to reconfigure bias tape to work for the given project on many occasions.  Somehow it is part of the fun.

But.....after a week long hiatus I am back and with avengence.  I was visiting my Aunt and found some fantastic treasures.  This one is a piece of old lumber that my aunt bought at a sale from a man that tears down old barns for a living.  This particular piece is 19x56 and about 2 inches thick.  it is SUPER heavy too. 

It has great texture and grain and has a great aged look to it.  So what am I going to do with this you might ask? Two words.  And these two words have ruled mine and my husband's life for many months as we have needed these two words in our life but just couldn't find the right fit for the right it is....are you ready? 


So far this project has cost me $0 so I like the price already and it is within the realm of what I was looking for to begin with.  But now what to do with it?????  Legs or Wheels? Finishes?  I mean I don't know exactly where I want to go with it.  Got any ideas?

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  1. That's even cooler than I imagined! You definitely have to put locking wheels on it so you can move it for when the kids are being crazy. And I think somehow keeping the natural look of the wood be so pretty.