Monday, July 25, 2011

Did You Say Painted Wallpaper?

First and foremost, I love your tutorial on freezer paper stencils.  I have read on it many times but have never done it myself.  I will have to try now.  Ollie is definitely going to need something with that technique.  AND it might look awesome on the new chair.  I am going to live with it a while and see where it takes me.  As for painting the legs...among all my other CRAZIES...I find it very hard to paint bare wood.  I know, I's weird.  Call it Frank Lloyd Wright Syndrome, but I can't bring myself to do it.  After being painted it can never be brought back to it's true original form.  I know, I'm crazy.  I could never bring myself to say..paint wood floors or even paint trim that was stained, especially if it was old, even if I didn't like it.  I just couldn't be the person to do

What's going on at the Bakers you ask? 
Well we (as in me and Ollie) are painting...yes...AGAIN!  My philosophy since we moved into this house a year ago was to tackle the ugliest room and move on from there.  Back at the beginning of this year, the ugliest room in my house was a little extra room right off the front entry of the house.  This house was originally built in the 1930's by an Indiana Senator and this little room was his office.  It really doesn't work for much else and I don't think it had been touched since the beginning of time.  I don't have before picks but it had ugly 80's wallpaper and matching...YES I SAID MATCHING...ugly valance.  They had painted all the trim in the house at one time green and this room still remained in this room.  Needless to say many hours of work later and I got it whipped into shape.

Now this little room is turning into a sewing room and I'm so excited!  Okay okay back on subject.  While getting ready to paint this room I searched my little tail off for the PERFECT grey and this is it.  It is from Olympic and it is called Antique Silver and it is absolutely the perfect color of grey.  Well it only took 1/2 a gallon so the other half has been burning a hole in my pocket as they say.  I loved the color so much that I decided to paint the largest public space in my house that color so I could enjoy it everyday and everyone else could too...that my hallway. 

 I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish and to be honest, this hallway goes all the way up the stairs and all through the upstairs and I will get to it all eventually, but you have to start somewhere.
But this wall here is the one I HAD to get done or I'd die...just die.  What do I plan to do with this wall you may ask?  Well here ya go.  I am just a sucker for punishment.

Today I worked on the pattern I plan to use which is very similar to the one used.  First I made it out of newspaper because it can be easily folded and cut symmetrically.  I then transferred it to cardboard for a more rigid pattern.
So my next step is to draw each of these on the wall and SLOWLY and CAREFULLY paint the outline with a craft brush...and ya know what...I am going to love every minute of it...SAD I KNOW!  I have done similar projects in my children's bedrooms.  Both wave motifs started as cardboard stencils just like this one and the outline was painted with a small craft brush.  The one below is Ollie's room.

This is Revel's room.  This one was done with chalkboard paint.  Emily I know a while back you asked about the chalkboard paint and how I liked it and I have to admit I love it...BUT...we have all hardwood floors.  If you have carpet I would have to say no way.  It does put off quite a bit of dust that could stain carpet if wet or ground in.  But on wood it just sweeps or wipes right up with a damp cloth.  And you know who loves it the best....OLLIE!  It's in Revel's room, but she adores it.  Great way to learn letters and numbers and shapes.

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