Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~Flippy Flops~

Yesterday I FINALLY got around to mowing my yard (I'm sure my neighbors were stoked).  And while I was at it, my flip flop broke..(i know you're not supposed to wear flip flops when you mow, but I wear flip flops to do everything).  If you're friends with me on fb I posted this link a while back and have even had the shoes to do it but haven't gotten around to it.

Well here it is!
This is the tutorial I found to make the flip flops.  I found mine at Old Navy for $.99 and Ollie is dying for me to make her some so I'm sure that is right around the corner.

So instead of writing a a tute on making the flip flops when you can find it here. I thought I'd write one and making the rosettes I used to know I love the embellishment!  So here we go!
First off you need to dig through your scraps.  I save EVERYTHING for this project exactly.  Ollie loves the scrap bin.  Make sure to get your glue gun out as well.

  It doesn't take much to do this and the pieces you tear off your cotton to make it on grain are perfect (I always save those scraps)  These are the kinds of scraps you are looking for.  The bigger the scrap the larger the flower.  You can use rough edges which I like, or cut them for a cleaner edge.  These are some scraps I found that would work for the project.
Now if we're going to do this together you're going to have to promise me one thing...DO NOT LOOK AT MY TERRIBLE FINGERNAILS.  It may be time for a manicure and a good paint job, but with all the painting going on around this house, painting my nails doesn't really seem like a good idea. 
Okay now, take the scrap you are going to use and tie a knot at one end and leave a bit of a tail.
Don't worry about the tail, you can trim it later if need be.  Now you are going to hold the knot in one and and twist the remaining fabric with the other.  Remember the tighter you wrap it the closer the layers of your flower.  It all depends on preference and that is why I love these flowers, no two are the same.
Now you're going to put a dot of glue on the knot so you can begin wrapping your twisted portion around the knot.
Now just keep adding a dog of glue every couple of centimeters and twisting the end of your fabric.

Now for the back, just take the end and trim it to a length that can easily be tucked under.  Put a dot of glue on the bottom and tuck the tail under. 
You can put these flowers on literally everything under the sun!  So fun!  Dresses, shoes, name it!  Happy Flowering!

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