Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Great Tupperware Takeover

I couldn't get it together yesterday to post and this is not going to be much better but here goes!

Sidenote: I was in Dillard's last night and wandered through the Lilly Pulitzer section. I've decided "preppy" is my style of choice. Most days I rock the "slightly greasy/overweight mom" look but in my dreams I would have perfectly smooth blown out hair, perfectly pressed collared shirts, perfectly creased ankle length black pants, and dainty ballet flats. Tortoise shell and pearls would be my accessories of choice. So the point of this is to say that I looked at a bunch of LP dresses and the first thing I thought of was "I could make that out of a men's shirt." It's a sickness. And I've got it. 

First things first...

The Coffee Table

I love the idea of using casters under it. Have you seen Ana White's site? She has plans for a Factory Cart Coffee Table that could be a cool jumping off point for you. There's also a brag post from someone who built the table using those plans that gives a link to the website where she got her casters from. The really old vintage ones would cost a pretty penny but with a little spray paint I think you could actually make some new ones blend in enough that nobody would notice. I don't know how handy you and Josh are with the power tools but if you could modify the plans to include a drawer or shelf on the bottom then I think you'd really be in business. 

I'm not sure about staining it or sealing it or whatnot. I guess I'd have to touch it to get a better idea of the texture before I could make a call on that. Regardless of what finish you choose for the wood, how about painting and distressing the rest of the wood so that the focus is really on the barn wood instead of trying to match up wood tones? I'm sure you'll do something fabulous and (and wonderfully thrifty too!). 

Now on to....

Kitchen Organizing

We have talked for awhile about getting rid of all our random plastic kitchen storage containers and replacing them with glass. Not for any particularly environmentally friendly reasons but because I have issues with microwaving in plastic containers and we're both getting tired of dirtying an extra dish just to heat something up. 

Enter the Snapware Glasslock Set. It was on sale at Costco for less than $20. How could I say no?

This is what our plastic storage cabinet looked like before. (Note to self: Remember to turn off flash when taking photos. Natural light is best.) Mixing bowls and measuring cups on the left. Plastic containers and lids on the right. All the random plastic containers that we didn't frequently use just got shoved to the back. You can see we tried to be organized about it by keeping the lids in the white bin for easy access but it was getting so overcrowded that sometimes it was difficult to find the lid you were looking for. It's clearly not the greatest use of space.

This is what all the containers and lids looked like when stacked on the counter. Who on earth needs that many plastic containers? See that sort of tan divided container in the back? That was mine when I was a little girl and the lid has my name written in permanent marker on it. I remember my mom making me homemade Lunchables and putting the crackers on one side and the cheese/meat on the other side. 

Here are the new containers which, even with their lids on, take up much less room than our previous containers. (No flash in this photo below. Can you see the difference?)

I did wind up keeping quite a few of the plastic containers. I kept the set of 3 stacking bowls and a bunch of sandwich containers that are all ACTUAL Tupperware and not the cheap throw away stuff from the grocery store. I also kept the very small round containers for sending Sam's homemade baby food to daycare. 

Do you see that Glade candle in the back there? Here's a close up of it.

We love Glade candles in this house. They are cheap, long burning, and smell good. I usually take the wrappers off as soon as I get home but this one must have got by me. There was a smell to it that reminded me of something but I just can't quite put my finger on it. It's a lovely scent and I definitely recommend it. 

I'm sorry to say that the finished product of this kitchen organizing project really doesn't look much different than when we started. I moved the lids down to the bottom shelf so that the glass dishes are easier to access and tucked the rest of the plastic containers into the back on the top. 

Not a terribly exciting post, I know. I hope to come back later with a quick sewing project that involves making a diaper cover out of a homemade romper that doesn't fit right but we shall see. Do you ever try to salvage something and in the end just throw it all away? It's always heartbreaking but I could probably save myself a lot of frustration if I would just let it go. 


  1. I don't see the vintage divided tan Tupperware container from your lunches. I imagine I'm not the only one wondering where that is.

  2. It's in the picture after the first open cabinet picture. Find the teakettle on the stove and look to the right of it.