Thursday, July 21, 2011

I should be doing something else

Isn't that always the case? When you're doing something you enjoy (sewing, cooking, etc.) do you ever feel like you should be doing something else? That's where I am today. I tried mowing the yard yesterday after letting it go for way too long but the lawnmower pooped out on me and then it started raining.

So I came inside and studied instead. Have I told you that I'm taking the Praxis this weekend? It's the test that you have to pass in order to get a teaching certificate. I'm taking the English Language Arts Content Knowledge test and to be honest I'm about to pee myself with nervousness. So needless to say, I'm having a hard time focusing on a project worthy of posting about.

After a couple of hours of studying I took a break to do some sewing. I took the top of Sam's romper-turned-diaper-cover and one of Reid's old fraternity t-shirts that was headed to Goodwill and started trying to make it into a dress/tunic of sorts. I don't have any little girls to try it on so I'm just sort of winging it. I have no idea what size it'll actually turn out to be but here's where I am up to this point. I need to reattach the buttons and I have plans to dye the whole thing navy blue. I'm hoping it'll make the t-shirt part look less faded and will tone down the plaid so that it's a little more monochromatic. I'll see how it looks after dying before deciding what kind of buttons to put on it.

I took some process photos which I'll go ahead and post also but to be honest my heart just wasn't really in it so I'm not sure how much sense it will all make.

What I started with: top of romper-turned-diaper-cover and old t-shirt.

Cut t-shirt below printing. I also cut off the sleeves and collar but didn't wind up using the top portion of the t-shirt at all. Pardon the large white spot in the middle. It was light from the window and NOT a bleach stain.

Now fold the large rectangle in half and cut leaving you with two strips that are the same width. You will gather and stitch these together to create a tiered skirt.

You want to use the bottom of the t-shirt because it already has a finished hem so leave that strip how it is. (I realize I'm saying "strip" when it's actually a continuous circle.) Now you're going to take the other strip you created and cut it down so it is 3/4 the length of the bottom. I folded the entire thing in half and then just cut out one of the four sections that was created by the fold which made my continuous circle not so continuous any longer. So now it is actually a strip and a circle. I'll give you a minute to take it all in. So complex.

Here is where I stitched the strip to make it into a circle again. Seriously, is anyone still reading this? 

I gathered the smaller circle and stitched it onto my romper top.

Then I did the same with the bottom circle and attached it to the middle circle. I tried to hide some poor construction with some decorative stitching. I'm hoping the whole thing will look a little better once it gets dropped in some dye along with some other onesies and such.

And now I'm off to fix the lawnmower. Yes, I'm going to take apart our lawnmower. And yes, Reid knows about it. And yes, he is the most trusting husband in the world. 

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