Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My BFF's New Outfit! Part 1

I love that your hubby has assessed your style and nailed it on the head...Josh would never even take a stab at it.  And to be honest, I have VERY eclectic taste and I like what I like.  I buy what catches my eye and somehow it all goes together.  There's no reason to play it safe on walls or accessories...GO HOG WILD!  I'm not afraid of a little paint so if I paint a room one color and get tired of it, I just change big deal.  You have to take risks in everything you do and decorating is no exception to that rule.

Although I do LOVE the entry way.  The more I live with it, the more it is killing me to paint the living room which is the room it attaches to.  It's amazing how dirty and dated something can feel when you put something bright and new next to it.  But I haven't officially set on a color yet and I have to keep reminding myself that there is tons of stuff to be done on the outside of the house and I can paint the living room with snow on the ground. 


While we are talking about paint I have been given the okay to get started on the kitchen by my'm going to require a post on the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of it all so I don't miss a step.  Did you clean your cabinets first with something special or sand them at all?  I know you said to seal them but what finish did you use for your paint?  So many questions.

Here she is...with half of a couture outfit in the making by yours truly.  I didn't do a tutorial because this was way more "put it on and see how it fits"  Very imperfect and by no means "the right way".  But I did follow this blog somewhat to get it done.  My advice if you plan on taking this one is start with the big pieces first (which I did NOT do).  Be patient and just come to terms with the fact that you are going to unsew almost as much as you sew.  It's been a bumpy road so far but I think I'm getting she is!
I found a brown that I absolutely adore and used it for the cording.  I love the color and of course had to get enough to do some detail on project #8980900003 which will be living room curtains.  But as you can tell it still needs a bit of work. 
(ps Ollie was not going to let me take this pic without her in a ham)

This is where I ran out of fabric.  I probably would have squeezed at least this part out but I wanted to have it close in the back and there wasn't enough for two pieces.

And as you can tell, the cushion didn't get done yet either.  But it is a work in progress and I am falling in love with it more and more.  Now I know you BEGGED for details....BUT....I haven't decided the closure situation for sure yet, and I was so excited when you mentioned grommets, but now I'm worried you'll be able to see the pink through the grommet and I don't like that idea.  And a ruffle is fun if I wasn't soooo in love with the legs.  I don't want to cover up any more of that than I have to.  However the freezer paper idea intrigues me.  I've read TONS of blogs about the process but have never done it myself.  I was thinking about monogramming the back rest part where you sit with a "B".  Whatcha think?

But anyhow...this is what I've been working on so far.  I will do a part 2 when it is complete, which will be tomorrow or I will pull my hair 

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