Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well Hello There New Best Friend...

I would love to introduce you to my new best friend, but you're going to have to wait!  I have had quite a busy day in the world of No Time for Pie and you'll have to wait to see #23554333 on the list of projects for the future until the end of the this post...

uh peaking.  You have to read the whole thing!

Okay so first off...your Tupperware cabinet looks just like my mess except that mine is two large drawers, one for containers and one for lids and I have to admit, they are both awful.  I have been trying to go with glass containers for years for the same reason as you.  But also I find myself going "green" in my old age as well.  From composting to banning paper towels, I think it's important to teach our kids eco-responsibility.  If nothing else looks like the project saved you a ton of space not to mention money in the future on replacement plastic containers.  GO EMILY!
And before I move on to what I was up to today, I just wanted to say..I'm so glad you have the sickness (upcycling men's shirts) because I've always had it and I'm glad that someone else is as crazy as me.

Now what have I been up to you might ask?

I know it's just been killing you all day to I'm going to relieve your anxiety.  First off, I MIGHT have found the casters for my future coffee table.  I happen to know the owner of my FAVORITE antique store and so I gave her a call today to see what she could russle up for me and she happen to have 4 large wooden antique casters...SCORE!!  I haven't seen them yet so we shall see but it's a good start.  Not to mention you had suggested some ideas to put a drawer or shelf in it and my antique store friend always keeps old barn board in stock so I figured I could pick up some of that as well...who knows where this might go, and if it doesn't get used in this project, it will go somewhere else I'm sure.  So keep checking back for the updates on that. 

Remember this?

Remember my post not so long ago about making the dress out of a men's tank top?  Remember the bottom bit that we cut off the tank?  You don't do you, well I told you I had another project for it when I finished the dress and here we are.  We're going to use it to make a skirt made with another tshirt for the bottom.  Hold on tight here we go....

This is what I started with...the bottom off of a men's size small tank, and an xxl men's t.  I had previously tried the small tank section on and it worked well as a waist band with no alteration needed.
So I folded the waistband as well as the tshirt in half and  placed it at the top of the tshirt and began cutting an A-line shape to meet at the waistband leave about a half inch seam allowance.

Then remove the waistband and cut straight across

Now because of course I can't do anything easy (and I love a skirt with pockets) we're going to make pockets out of the remaining sleeves.  We are going to cut off the  sleeve hem and cut around the seam attaching it to the shirt.  Don't you love how Riley (the cat) is helping.  She is a seamstress as  Such a good helper as I'm sure you could imagine.
Now cut the sleeve in half and repeat on the opposite side giving you four identical pieces such as this.

Now we are going to attach one pocket side to one side of the skirt.  It doesn't matter which side because each is going to get a pocket side before attaching the front and back.  I sewed the pocket piece about 2 inches from the top leaving plenty of seam allowance for the waistband. 

Next I turned to the right side of my skirt and topstitched the outside of the pocket for a little added strength so the pocket doesn't stretch during wear. 
You will need to repeat this process with the three remaining pocket pieces, one on each side of the front and back of the skirt.  Next we will attached the front and back.
Put right sides together and sew the front of the skirt to the back as you would normally.  When you come to the pocket, sew around the outer edge of the pocket and continue down the side seam of the skirt.  When finished it should look something like this.  Repeat on the opposite side.
Now you should have something that resembles a skirt.  The last part is the easiest...just attached the waistband to the top like so...
And WALA!!

This is supposed to be a pic of the pocket (good luck with that).  Anyhow...LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt!  How fun and it used basically things you could have laying around your house.

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Meet my new BFF.
Now that I am one kid down during the day (my 5 year old is going to an emergency PreK seeing as he starts kindergarten this year)..Ollie and I have been gallavanting around town doing all kinds of things that Revel would whine so much I just wouldn't do them when he's around.  Today our outing included the local Goodwill, which I have to admit I've only been in a hand full of times. 

             So there I was looking and looking...
                    And suddenly...............
                           There she was...........
                                  I mean just look at her......

But of course 'ole girl didn't have a price and her nightbor was $40 and not worth a penny of it so I was not hopefully she would be coming home with me...but I asked anyway just so I could sleep tonight even if I couldn't have her..and the verdict was
As I'm sure you could imagine, I could hardly contain myself.  Yes yes the fabric is TERRIBLE but I love the wood detail on the legs and we are in desparate need of extra seating in our living room.  So slipcover here we coming...for another day...check back though.  It's going to be fun!!

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