Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Food Dude!

How can you not love the bapron?  I mean c'mon, it even comes with a catchy name...HELLO!  Wanna see where Emily got the tutorial on how to make a bapron (or just wanna find out what the hell a bapron's the post.)  And of course as always your padded high chair headrest was waayyy too cute for words.  I would have never thought to quilt it with the batting like that...GENIUS!

Another thing I would like to put out there is...
I do, I love em.  I mean when you can get them on sale they are a steal and I can do soooo much with those little squares.  I make it a rule to never deny myself one if I'm at Joann's and one is screaming at me to go home with.  They always come in handy for some project and I have literally made shorts, shirts, skirts, you name it out of those little things (it doesn't take much fabric to make anything for a 2 year old.) 

Food Dude...

This picture should get us started.  This is Ollie at probably around 8 months (she is 2 now....I know....sad right ).  Can you tell she LOVED food with all her little heart?  I made all my own baby food to begin with for Ollie so it wasn't too hard to make the leap to "finger" food.  Some easy things we tried were:
  •  peas..super easy to pick up and soft so they aren't likely to choke.   
  • Extremely ripe peaches cut into small pieces.  Just make sure they are ripe enough to be super soft.
  • Ripe bananas are easy to "gum" too.
  • My very fave was sweet potatoe sticks.  I would take a sweet potatoe and cut it into sticks (after peeling of course).  Almost like fries but a bit thicker.  Then I would boil and boil and boil until it was like mush but it kept it's shape still.  When you cool them in the refrigerator they firm up a bit. they were easy to hold and mush with the gums.
I got to babysit today and boy it reminded me of these days.  Ollie was so upset when Maddyn, the baby, had to go home.  Baby food and diapers and little fingers and toes,  made me a little teary to think my baby making days are over.  But on the other hand, toting Ms. Maddyn around today with my two other children made me realize how much they would get to miss out on with me focusing on another one. There would be alot more, "I don't have time" with another child around the house.  And so I am grateful for the two beautiful children I have, and am in turn happy with the fact that we will hopefully stay a family of 4.

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