Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to the grind.

Oooooh. I love the hand print embroidery on the pillow. I've seen that on pinterest and thought it was definitely a cute idea for a Mother's/Father's Day present. I also thought it would be neat if you had a large piece of fabric and as your child grew you did handprints at different ages. It could be a neat twist on a growth chart. 

I don't have any pictures for you just yet but I'm taking my camera to work today to get some pics of the cleaned up classroom. It is by no means anywhere near finished but it's much more livable than it was. At least now I can focus on getting my lessons together. I'm having some issues with furniture arrangement so maybe you can give me some advice on that. 

In the meantime I'll leave you with some pictures from a photo shoot we did this weekend with some friends of ours who just had twin boys. We also snuck in a few pics of Sam while we had the backdrop set up.

I LOVE these pics of Sam. He's been trying to crawl for a few weeks now and this little series just cracks me up. I'm going to get them printed for my desk at school.

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