Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burlap: A love story.

First of all. Ollie is the cutest. She makes my uterus ache for a little girl. Ask me again in a few years when said little girl is a teenager and I might have something different to tell you. Reid and I have always said we just want a busload of little boys. But all this sewing and decorating I've been doing for Sam makes me think that I could make some super cute stuff if I just had a little girl.

Sidenote: Have you read Tina Fey's "A Prayer for My Daughter" yet? The paragraph about yanking her daughter into a cab in front of her friends kills me. Hysterical. 

Now for the topic at hand...


I have a love/hate relationship with burlap. Love the texture and the price, hate the constant shedding and itchiness.

So while I adore the pillows (and think it would be great for some freezer paper stenciling) I don't know if I would want to actually sit near it. 

The table runner is completely gorgeous and I think I need one. In green. Just like that one. Feel free to get on it. I'll message you my address. ;)

The chair is also really cool but I just followed Little Green Notebook's upholstery posts with a similar style of chair and it doesn't seem like something I would be jumping to do. But after you spent all that time painting your hallway maybe you would be into it. You can obviously handle tedious a little better than I can. 

Love the bag. And the scarf. And the top. 

Now for the curtains. I've actually had burlap curtains before. They were in our last home and came with the place (it was a rental). I actually didn't mind them and have continued to think there would be a place in our current home where it might work. Kitchen or guest room maybe?

Our curtains had an animal print trim around the border and they were just hung on a dark rod with clips. Here is the only pic I have of them.

I currently have burlap in two places in our living room.

The first is covering a hideous pot on a thrift store topiary. I know, I know. The plant looks plastic. But have you seen the cost of topiaries these days? It was 5 bucks. Some hot glue and burlap scraps later and it works for me. See the little people? Those were our wedding cake toppers. I sent the girl on etsy a picture of my dress and Reid's suit and tie and she made them look like us, hairlines and all. 

The other burlap in the living room is inside this large silvery golden frame by the front door. It was another "I bought this picture just for the frame" purchase and upon removing the picture I shattered the glass so it's been like this ever since. The intention is for us to pin current pictures and such on the board to enjoy as we walk by but all we've got so far is this metal 8 that I found in the front yard while mowing. 

Can you read the print? It says "Put your crazy kin folk in your parlor. The difference between Northerners and Southerners is that Northerners keep their crazy kin folk in the attic to hide them and Southerners put their crazy kin folk in the parlor to enjoy them. Kathy S. Spitaleri"

So my vote is for curtains, table runner, and bag. I've also seen some pretty cool burlap bedskirts and now that I'm rethinking using the navy blue one I bought for our room burlap doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Hmmmm, something to think about...

Now, question for you. What do I do with these gold pinecones? 

They were a Christmas gift from someone Reid works with and I got tired of looking at them sit in the corner of his office so I brought them home today. They are actually quite large and a quick pinterest search leaves me with very little inspiration. Any suggestions?


  1. Make a hanging mobile?
    Love the kin folk poster...where can I find one?

  2. I got the kinfolk poster at the Book Festival with Mom and Yoyo. He had the letterpress out there and was letting kids roll their own posters through. Here's the link to it. I think you can email and ask if he still has that one. It wasn't that long ago so I imagine there must be some laying around.