Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas Project #1

Remember this post? About my "Christmas Resolution"?  And all those great ideas for Christmas gifts?  Well to review, I am NOT....I repeat...NOT....buying toys for Christmas this year.  No one plays with them and the pieces are gone before the end of Christmas Day. Sooo!  I finished my first Xmas gift today and I have to admit....


Okay now before we get to the new purse, this is the old purse.

And I loved this, but we are slowly growing out of it.  Believe me, this one has seen better days, we use it ALOT!  But the ultimate problem is that none of this stuff....

....will fit in that little purse.  And I think "how often does she really bring ALL of these things when you leave the house?"  EVERYTIME!  This is actually minimal...last weekend we had to bring all this plus a little bottle of hand sanitizer and a baby blanket (for her baby, not  So needless to say three out of four of these items will not fit in the current purse.  So where do they end up?  In my purse!  So here is my solution.

Beautiful huh?  It has pockets for EVERYTHING!

             Chapstick Pocket                                                                     Baby Carrier 
 (the baby carrier pocket actually has holes in the bottom corners of the pocket to stick the legs through )

     Adjustable strap  (so this one can grow with us)
And somehow I missed a pic of the sunglass pocket in the back, but it's there.  The mini magnadoodle fits inside an there's plenty of room for other nonsense too.  I cannot wait to give it to her.  She is going to love it.  It will be hard to wait until Christmas but I will put it away and try to
I also wanted to note that this ENTIRE project was made from the HUGE pile of scraps that I have acquired.  Remember it from this post!  Yeah, it's grown since then..HOWEVER..this entire project came from that bing.  In essence, this project didn't cost me a thing.  This is exactly why I save every just never know.

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  1. Sheila, I NEEEDD one of those.
    I am really going to have to figure out this sewing thing, lol.
    I bet since we actually have winters here I will find motivation once it gets cold...