Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christmas Resolution

I know what you're thinking:

Christmas?  ALREADY? 

But hear me out.  This year I have vowed not to buy ANY toys for Christmas.  And I know what you're thinking..."What a terrible mother."  But no one EVER plays with them.  I have to beg them to go play in their rooms and usually they play in Ollie's room and Revel has 6 years of toy build up in his.  They just have too much.  So this year I am going to get creative.  Revel is going to be my challenge...Ollie will be super easy.  But here are a few things I plan to make before Christmas...

Pay no attention to the fact that I am addicted to Pinterest.

Butterfly wing skirt!

Who doesn't need a skirt with wings?  HONESTLY?  I might make one for (can't you see me in the grocery with that on)  She would DIE!  What more could a 2 year old want?

How about a pirate for a boy?  Ollie loves paper dolls and this would be a great travel toy if it had its own carrying bag.


What about this little gal?  I found a link the other day of an owl you could make that you filled with rice and it could be put in the freezer to make it cold (we don't have central air) or put in the microwave for a sec (our house is almost 80 years old = drafty winters) and Ollie ALWAYS goes to bed with a doll.  Revel might enjoy something too, an alligator perhaps or something boyish.

Thinkin about making a purse like this for Gmama...  child's messenger bag.

Isn't this adorable?  This isn't the exact purse I want to make her BUT a similar idea.  i made her an adorable purse earlier in the year and it has held up well. (when I get to this project I will post a pic)  She enjoys it and carries it everywhere we go.  And I have to admit it comes in handy to carry things that we can't go anywhere without such as chapstick and sunglasses.  HOWEVER there are two things that don't fit that are a must...a "baby" and the small magnadoodle.  And so where do these things end up?  In my purse...UGH!  So her new bag will have room for all fo these things.  I think I'm going to make a baby carrier on the outside...WE SHALL SEE!

Now I know you're thinking, what about Revel, that's three things and only one of them MIGHT apply to your five year old boy.  I know..hence my anxiety over Christmas 2012.  But we will cross the bridge when we get there.  Until then, my naptimes are going to be full.

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