Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

You might remember the To-Do List I posted yesterday. 

Here it is again.
  • Replace sleeping dog pics in Sam's room with actual artwork
  • Hang chandelier light in Sam's room
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Lengthen new bedskirt for our bed
  • Dye computer desk slipcover
  • Curtains and curtain rods for master
  • Blinds, curtains and curtain rod for guest room
I managed to complete the first two this morning but again I'm not 100% satisfied with the outcome. Here is a before pic. Set to be changed are the pics in the frames and the yellow lamp in the corner. Sorry the picture's a little blown out but it didn't look much better with the blinds down either.

Before: say goodbye to b&w pics in frames and lamp in corner.
These are some of my supplies for these two tasks: scrap book paper and a book of alphabet cutouts, chandelier, small plant hook from Walmart, colorful bunting from Target. 

I'll start with the sleeping dog pictures. When Pete and Sue (our Dobermanns) were puppies they would fall asleep in the most ridiculous and uncomfortable looking positions. We have LOADS of pictures just like these. You can kind of see the various dog beds they went through (Sue was a bit of a bed chewer) and the ways they managed to fall asleep on and off of the beds. These pictures were just meant to be stand-ins until I found something I loved to fill the frames and since the frames were originally going to go over the crib I figured pictures of sleeping dogs might be cute. Wrong. I wasn't happy with the coloring of the black and white printing (it read a little green in person) and they just weren't blowing my skirt up if you know what I mean. So they got relegated to the other side of the room and I've been itching to change them out ever since.

The 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper wound up giving me 4 perfect 5x7 pieces to use as backing for my alphabet cutouts. 

I decided on an A, B, C, D theme and wanted to do an upper and lower case of each letter. So I mixed and matched until I found combinations I liked all the while keeping in mind that my mats were red so I probably didn't want to use any red letters.

I did the letter B first and propped it up with the frame so I could decide if I liked it enough to keep going. Approved! (Name that SNL skit.)

These frames were purchased from a thrift store in NJ when I was living up there. I had them plus a few others framing vintage hats on a wall in my apartment. I paid about $10 for the lot of them and removed all the glass/artwork/backing materials and threw those away since I just needed the empty gold frame. Because of this the frames don't have any glass (I didn't want to spend the $5/piece for new glass since I wasn't sure I was going to like them) or anything behind them to hold the mats in place. I had just recently framed a portrait of Sam and had purchased these glazier points to hold the mat and cardboard in place so I broke them out again for this little project. Ignore the hammer. It pushed the screwdriver out of the way right before I took this picture. (You actually use a screwdriver to push the little points into the wood frame. I don't know why I put a hammer in the picture.) I really need to get a handle on my household tools. That hammer is quite the diva.

Here they are back on the wall. The letter A was too big to fit in the frame so for a little bit of depth I actually overlapped it on the outside of the mat instead of tucking it behind. There weren't any smaller A's that would work so it was going to have to do.

I had planned to hang the bunting flags over the frames and accordion hanging rack to the left but once I got it up there it got a little busy and weird so I tossed it up over the chair where we feed Sam. The bunting was purchased recently at Target in the party section and cost a couple of dollars. It's entirely made of fabric and perfectly matched the little slipcover I made to protect the head pillow on the chair so I couldn't pass it up. I wish the flags didn't just start and stop in the middle of the wall but it's just held up there with tacks for now so I can easily move it or jazz it up if need be. I could see someone using fabric paint to paint their child's name or something on each of the flags. Oh the possibilities!

Moving on now to the lamp. It was another holdover from my apartment in NJ and I picked it up on clearance at Target for maybe $5 or $10. The base is cork and you can pin things in it and the shade is originally cream with a pink flower printed on one side. The reason I want to change out the lamp is it hangs off the side of the dresser and leaves very little space to set things needed for diaper/clothing changes. We had been using the windowsill for those little items but Sam has decided he likes to grab everything and knock it over so keeping it out of his reach is best. I covered the shade with yellow fabric and ribbon to try to hide the pink flower but it still shows through when the light is on. The other thing with the lamp is that the light socket has started to come apart. I'm more than comfortable changing it out but I feel like I've already done my best to try to save this lamp and I'm ready to let it go. 

I also already owned the chandelier that I was planning to hang. It was in my room at college and I've always liked it but never really managed to display it since I graduated from Lehigh. I had hoped it might work as something to distract Sam during diaper changes but I didn't want it close enough to him for him to be able to grab it. I'm telling you that kid is fast. I hope he doesn't grow up to be a pick-pocket. He can snatch something before you even know what he's doing. I've got it up but honestly I don't think I like it. What do you think? Is it weird looking just hanging there? I'm going to have to put a switch in the cord because right now it turns on and off by plugging and unplugging it but I can easily do that by taking the switch out of the lamp I'm getting rid of.

So did I make any improvements to Sam's room today or am I just setting myself up to change it all again in the near future?

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