Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Raining Babies

So where are these pics of the new "office" Mrs. Emily?  I am dying to know how it is going.  I'm sure you're super busy and have no time for my shinanigans...and to tell you the truth, we've been pretty busy on this end as well.   BBBUUUTTTT...I did get to sneak in a trip to Joann's on Thursday of last week with a great friend and this time I actually comprised a list of things I couldn't leave without and I actually got EVERYTHING I needed.  (of course this is until the next project starts)


My childhood best friend, which was at the time, a mutual friend of Emily's is having her first baby.  And since I have completely given up baby having all together, it makes me even more excited when people close to me are expecting...what can I say...I have to live vicariously!  So we (yes we as in me and her...I'm totally including myself in this) found out it is a girl...and I almost peed on myself I was so excited.  I swore it was a boy, so don't ask me to predict these things, I'm no good.  Anyhow, so my sewing options have really opened up and during my trip to Joann's, I got some things for inspiration,  most of which were fat quarters which are perfect for projects such as this and of course I pulled out a few things to add to the pile. 

Now I know it is sooo cliche to make a baby blanket.  I have two kids and I remember, everyone wants to give you a baby blanket.  Most of which I found useless except a stack of blankets my lovely aunt made me from cotton flannel.  Some were doubled and some were just a single piece to make it thinner, but I used the STUFF out of those blankets, in fact, I love them so much, I can't get rid of them and Ollie uses them to swaddle her babies.  So I wanted to mimic those lovely blankets that I used soo much not to mention this bundle of joy will be coming home in December and will need to be kept warm by something. 

So to start off, a while back I found this blog post when I was searching for something completely unrelated on making little fabric pom poms and it inspired me.  (I know I've gone pom pom crazy...did you see my giant pom pom pillow?)  I have searched my butt off since then to find something to use these little fabric poms for and here we are! 

I didn't take many pictures of the making process, but I think it's pretty self explanatory.  I pieced the top part by just cutting the pieces so they fit together to make rows and then sewed the rows together just like you would any quilt.  I then attached the pom poms to the backing, which in this case is green cotton flannel.  (Keep in mind that the farther apart you put the pom poms, the less pom poms you have to make.  I could have a used a larger space in between mine in hind site)  I then attached the quilted upper to the backing sewing right sides together and leaving a small hole to turn right side out.  Last but not least I hand stitched the closure.  It's basically a regular blanket with an addition of the pom poms and the pieced top. 

Have I kept you waiting long enough?  Okay okay, here it is.

I know you love a good pom pom.

Aren't you in love with these colors?  (just nod yes either way...k?)
So here we are!  Hope it inspires you.  The possibilities are endless for the fabric pom poms. 


I've started working on my Christmas Resolution.  Remember this post about my first completed Christmas present?  Well I have been working on something else that I forgot to add to the list.  Check them out tomorrow...(yes I said them =)......)

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