Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking For a New Rug?

I'm just sitting on the couch tonight searching my little heart out on Pinterest when I came across this picture!

What is it?  A table clothe turned  rug...yep that's right, read it again.  So I found the link.  A previous post done on the blog considers painting canvas and doing the same treatment to make a rug...GENIUS! 

Rugs are a tough sell in this house because of this cute little face..

Isn't he too cute.  His name is Trouble (that was his name before we got him...I should have known better).  He's about 9 years old and we've owned him for 6 of those years.  He was our first born and we LOVE him to death.  He's been stolen twice and he's such a pain, both times he was returned to us.  He WILL NOT be house broken.  I have tried everything and he has a crazy obsession with anything round such as a ball.  The obsession is soooo bad that the kids can't even bring a ball in the house.  That is actually what he's doing in the pic above, HE'S BARKING AT AN EASTER EGG!!  REALLY TROUBLE?  IT'S NOT EVEN A BALL!!  But I do love him, even though I pick up poop and clean up pee all day.  And before you judge, I have read the books, watched the shows, and taken all kinds of advice on house breaking this little doesn't work...just take my word.  Anyhow....for this reason, we don't own rugs, or furniture that comes all the way to the ground, or bedskirts, or many other  Now it's just a way of life, I know it's terrible...but I love him.

ANYWAY...this is a perfect rug solution.  In the blog she even says that her cute little puppy (that even kinda looks like my terd) peed on the rug and it just wiped right hear me now...


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