Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murphy's Law Pillow

I'd like to start with this lovely picture of my little boy and his daddy heading to school on his very first day of kindergarten....*tear.  NAH!!  PARTY!! 


Okay so here is the pillow you've all been waiting for, including myself.  I found this blog post the other day on one of my favorite blogs Living With Punks for a pom pom pillow and that was when I knew that this was a project for me.


Of course I can't do anything easy, so I decided to combine two projects in one.  So here is what I came up with, you can find detailed instructions to make the pom pom pillow here.
I started by tracing everyone's hand on top of one another on the BACK of my fabric.  Then I began emrboidering each hand in a different color.  Revel's is green and Ollie's is pink, mine is yellow and dad's is blue!  Check it out.  I love the way it turned out.
This is what it looks like on the back.
Here's the front.

Josh's had is yet to come in this picture (also notice for future reference that the background is all one color, hence the Murphy's Law part of this post...we'll get to this)
This part will take a while!  I worked most of the weekend on it but I love the outcome.  So next comes the pillow part. I followed the tutorial and made the pillow using the directions.
I will however say that you have to make sure to get the pom poms close to the seam when sewing, that was the hardest part, but once I got that figured out, it was smooth least until I went to put it on the pillow. I go to slip it on the pillow and as I'm pulling it down, I realize that I have sewn the front (the part with the hands) on backwards..YES BACKWARDS.  Not only that, but I clipped all the tails off pom poms so taking it all apart is not an option.  I mean, how does this happen?  How long have I been doing this?  Am I new here?  So frustrating.  So my only option now is to cut out the center of the front of the pillow where the hands are and apply a border and top stitch it back on the top of the pillow. So onward march.  And this is how it turned out.  I love it, but geez 'm peez.

Aren't the pom poms SUPER cute!  What a great idea, my head is just spinning with ideas.  Now I'm off to work on my sewing Christmas list.  Perhaps I shall tackle the winged skirt?  Check back tomorrow for progress.

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