Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out Of Work?

I am never DONE!  My job is never FINISHED!  Even if I paint and reupholster everything in my house I will never be done.  New inspirations and finding beautiful things just make my head spin with ideas.  What has been going on to inspire my new obsession?  Well I'll show you! 

(Okay maybe I was looking for an excuse to post these pics...but can you blame me?)

Okay so the last two days Ollie has decided to wear her "cowboots"  Emily I thought you would especially love this picture.  Anybody wanna check Em in her "cowboots"?  Check out this previous post
Anyhow...what is my new obsession? 


Now I'm trying to decide what project is right for this obsession.  Whatcha think?  Any great ideas? 

Burlap A pillowburlap pilliowburlap
#burlap table runnerburlap!  Burlap Curtains
I love them all.  Burlap is such a versatile fabric and extremely durable.  I love them all.  So now I'm going to spend the rest of the day (and night) searching burlap on pinterest.  Just thought I'd let ya know. 

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