Monday, August 1, 2011

Painted Wallpaper Update!

Where to even begin?  I feel like I have been away for so long.

First off..

I LOVE the dress the reworked and as for the shirt, I have thought alot about it.  What about using it just for fabric and making a tank or something like a pillowcase top.  SUPER EASY and you could use the button detail at the top.  I know you don't have a girl so I included a this link to show you how to make one.  I'm sure you can imagine, Ollie has twelve of


I cracked up at the fact that you are happy in your given gender role.  It's so funny that you guys really are the epitome of those roles.  Here .....not so much.... Josh doesn't know how to check his bank account (he might know even know who we bank with).  I have to remind him how to write a check if it needs to be done.  I generally mow the lawn and take care of all yard maintence and most of the household maintenance as well.  But don't worry, this is not a complaint from an unhappy wife.  On the contrary actually.  Josh works hard for me to stay home and I will do anything to help.  Josh is the small engine repair man and the cook (although we both pitch in on that one).  He is required to be here for any maintence done by outside people (as I usually get charged more).  He is good for alot of Although like everyone else who has read this, you inspire me to dig further into projects that might intimidate me a bit more than usual such as taking apart the lawnmower.  Isn't Google and wonderful

Now For The Show...

Last I wrote on the subject of painted wallpaper, I had painted the hallway walls and cut my stencil pattern.  And I have worked and worked and I think I should be finished in two more days.  So this is just an update.  I started with the stencil, a pencil, and a level.  I picked the middle of the wall and applied the level to the pattern while holding it on the wall to make sure the piece was straight.

(I had to show this ont he ground bc I didn't have enough hands to hold it and take the pic)  So you would really do this on the wall.  When you get it level, use your pencil and trace around it.

This pic is kinda hard to see the lines, but this is a picture of where two stencils meet.  You can see my lines to indicate one has ended and where I matched the bottom of it to draw the next.  Remember each time to use your level to make sure your column stays straight. 

And here we are!

I chose to paint INSIDE the lines that I drew so you can't see the lines I drew at the top of the stencil to indicate the beginning of another.  It's kind of imperfect and I thought that would drive me crazy, but to be honest, that's exactly what i like about it.  It's a work of art.  Art by definition cannot be PERFECT. 

I guess I should also mention that all this paint is just paint I already had from other projects.  I decided to do one dark column on the wall.  It is off to the left side of the wall (it's hard to take a pic of the whole wall in such a narrow hallway).  I think it will add interest and break up any monotony.  PLUS IT'S FREE!  It's just leftover paint.  Can't beat that. 
But needless to say I love it!  Even Josh loves it and he was skeptical to say the least (he usually is).  But once again I prevailed.  One day he will learn just to go with  Two more days, and I think I can finish it up.  Wish me luck!

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