Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pinecone Conundrum

GIRL TIME:  You are so having a bus load of girls because you said you wanted a bus load of boys.  You are aware of that right?  I personally don't want a bus load of ANYTHING!  Well maybe kittens, but that would be the closest I would get to a bus load.
I love Ollie and the "cowboot" faze.  She made me leave the computer on the previous blog post so she could see her picture.  She is such  a DIVA...I have no idea where she got that

As for the burlap, thanks for the suggestions.  I know that it is itchy and uncomfortable, but to be honest, maybe people will leave it alone more and it won't end up all dirty and slobbered on (I have a St. Bernard...although it could come from any number of places).

 I found a chair at the thrift store the other day that was similar to the one from the post and I have researched how to reupholster something similar.  I didn't make the purchase because I was unsure, but after researching it, I can totally handle the challenge.  I want a new chair for my new sewing room, but burlap is a bit drab.  This might be the only room in the WHOLE house that I get to do whatever I want in and I want the WILDEST CHAIR EVER.  So burlap for that project is a no go. 

But yes the table runner is gorgeous and the bag and of course the pillows. 
Now to something VERY important...VERY VERY!  Look here woman, we cannot have people trusting you with their design decisions with a FAKE topiary in your house.  Yes you tried your best with the burlap to make it cute, and it was a great effort, but it's over.  On to the next unfortunate house...throw it back!

However you curtains were fab and your frame is a great idea.  Easy way to change out pictures and keep them updated (if only you had pictures on
Now as for the pinecones, they make me think of I'm having a hard time getting away from that. But...I found this cute pic and it was kind of inspiring...

love this pinecone bunting

Or could use them as some kind of centerpiece.

This is my fave!

pinecone centerpiece
Hope that was some help.  I'm sure you'll come up wtih something WONDERFUL!  Can't wait to see!

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