Monday, August 1, 2011

To-Do List

I have two short weeks until I have to go back to work. Somehow this summer has flown by and other than the stuff I've shared with you here I haven't made any real progress on the projects I had hoped to accomplish.

So I'm making a list and putting it out there for you all to see in the hopes that it will hold me accountable and maybe I'll actually accomplish something. I know it's not likely that I'll get all of these things done but at least it gives me some options.

  • Replace sleeping dog pics in Sam's room with actual artwork
  • Hang chandelier light in Sam's room
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Lengthen new bedskirt for our bed
  • Dye computer desk slipcover
  • Curtains and curtain rods for master
  • Blinds, curtains and curtain rod for guest room
That's enough for now. I can always add to it later if I go crazy and get it all done. Wish me luck!!!

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