Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Veni, vidi, vici!

The pics of the dogs sleeping were sooo funny!  Almost like children.  I did love the replacement though.  I totally need the pack of letters..the projects for that are already flowing.  The colors really worked together and I kinda like that the "A" stuck out of the matting, a little 3d effect if you will.  Sam's room is so cute.  I mean who doesn't need a chandelier in their room?  I know I do.  And as for the bunting...what about this?
bunting   Bunting!  
Maybe these will inspire bunting placement...just a shot!

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's done...finally done.  I painted for what feels like a week straight, and I finally finished.  What am I talking about?  Where have you been? 


Well if you've missed the saga so far, this is Part 1.  Read up!

So now here we are...and you're going to think to yourself...these pictures basically look the same as the ones in Part 1.  Now this may be the case but believe me, much more work later.  It's so hard to take a good pic of a hallway, know what I mean.
But in the end I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and wouldn't change a thing about it.  It definitely brings interest to a place where not much can really go on.  It would be too much (visually and work wise) to do more than one wall, at least in such a small space. 
So what did I learn you may ask?  Do I have any tips for you as you get to painting your wallpaper?   Well...
  • The cream color paint I used was from a pb (pre-blog) project and it had built in primer.  Then the dark paint was leftover from the post $8 Makeover...<------- check that one out...SUPER CUTE!  Anywho..the dark paint did not have primer and in comparison to the cream, I think I liked the non-primer better.  It stretched farther when trying to make a continuous line and I didn't really see any coverage difference for the application. 
  • Bigger really is better!  At least in the way of stencils.  The larger area you have to cover, you may want to make your stencil larger.  Less work right?  To be honest I think mine could have been a bit bigger but hey, it's done.
  • Patience is a virtue...all those years your mom told you that...she was right.  I set a goal to do two columns a day (which doesn't sound like much until everything has to be accomplished during a 3 hour nap time).  If you do more, great, but eventually you will get through it.  It's alot of ALOT of work, but the pay off is so worth it.

Okay so here we go!  Get ready! 
Are you ready?

Well there ya go.  One more project marked off the list (which is no joke, ever growing).  What to do now?  hmmmmm....I think i may sew for a bit and put my paint brush away.  JUST FOR A BIT!  Until it calls my name again.

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