Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Hi guys!  Before I get too far into this I wanted to start off with this little ditty.

You've all met Riley (all together now...Hi Riley!)  She is my problem child.  Yes this is my kitchen counter and we have an understanding that she won't get up there when we have company so I SEEM to have total control of my animals.  Most of the time she forgets our agreement but we're working on it.  ANYWAY!  This is a small casserole dish that I was drying some old bread I had to make bread crumbs.  Do you think she would have laid on it without the towell over it?  WHAT A WIERDO!

Anyway...this is going to be short and sweet seeing as I have grandma company this weekend.  Do you remember this post,   and the huge piece of wood that I happened upon?  Well if not here's a sneak peak at what it USED to look like.

BEAUTIFUL HUH?  Well I was looking for some cast iron casters but no such luck.  I got tired of nowhere to sit my cup or computer or whatever trash I have in hand.  Besides....everyone needs a coffee table.  So I was rumaging around in our outdoor shed and I came across a 4x4 in the rafters.  I pulled it down, cut it up, and....


Please ignore any messes....I do!  Anyway.  I added a little linseed oil and here we are!  PS this is Revel...isn't he handsome!  Such a terd...but looks like a complete angel...ha!

The top!

I'm getting better with this new camera.  I'm no photographer but at least we're in
Well hope you enjoyed!  Just goes to prove that you can make something just out of the things you have laying around you. 

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