Sunday, September 11, 2011

IT'S A GIRL! AND A BOY! Christmas Project #3

No no no...I'm not pregnant, and DEFINITELY not twins (I'd be writing this from a mental hospital if that was the case).  Sorry about not being able to keep you posted as often as I hoped.  Life's been a bit crazy around here, but my creativity has not wavered.  So here's a project that almost put me in the insane asylum...I thought I'd share.  If you missed my Christmas List, or Project #1 or Project #2...there ya go.

Now that we're all caught up....I decided to try my hand at felt "paper dolls".  And they are soooo cute!
The possibilities are seriously ENDLESS in the way of outfits and all the cute things you could make.  I even made a little boy one for my nephew.

Don't you just love these guys!  SERIOUSLY!  So I took one of Ollie's real paper dolls and traced around it.  I did make some changes, Originally it's head was too big and it had ears, neither of which I felt was necessary for my creation.  I traced it and made two layers of each doll (in the boy pic you can see both layers...he's not complete yet).  I then traced a third doll on interfacing and sewed the three layers together (interfacing in the middle...OBVIOUSLY).  I would use a stiff interfacing the keep the doll from flopping around.  And to be honest, sewing isn't necessary...get out your glue gun and go for it.  Then comes the fun part.  Lay the doll on the felt and start tracing what you want to make.  USE YOUR IMAGINATION!  REMEMBER THAT THING!  IMAGINATION?  O the things you could come up with!

What are you going to store them in?  Well let me just show you!  Now keep in mind these are Christmas presents and imagine the possibilities of little bags like these.

So let me tell you my little story about this doll (the girl).  I made the doll, and ALL the clothes.  But I didn't sew the doll for a long time, maybe a week or two.  I just didn't know how I wanted to do it, maybe I didn't want to sew it at all.  Or maybe I would use soemthing besides interfacing in the middle, I DON'T KNOW, THIS SI MY PROCESS....LEAVE ME ALONE!  So one day I got a wild hair and decided to get to sewing.  But after I finished the doll I laid it on the table next to me and went on to make the bag.  Well of course I had to make sure the doll FIT IN the bag...I mean what would be the point if it didn't right?  Well after finishing the bag, the doll was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!  NO WHERE PEOPLE!  NO WHERE!

I thought I was losing my mind!  I searched everywhere!  I'm talking about TEARING MY HOUSE APART!  I was sure I was going to have to be committed.  So I figured I would just give it a few weeks, if I didn't find it, I would have to start over.  I mean all the clothes fit THAT doll.  SO FRUSTRATING!  So a week or so went by...maybe even two.  I like I said, I had torn the house apart...must have ended up in the trash...RIGHT?  I had made the boy one at this point and was standing in the sewing room (thinking about this dumb girl doll) and as I'm feeling the boy storage bag...I think, "this is way sturdier than Ollie's girl bag. Why is that?  They're made the exact same way."  And then it dawned on me...I had sewed the girl between the lining and the self fabric for the bag...yep that's right!  WHO DOES THAT?  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?  It seriously could have been in there forever and I would have just thought I had lost my mind.  I can't believe I found it.  But at least I didn't have to make another one.  But here she is...the elusive female doll.  Like I said the boy one isn't finished yet, but he will look very similar (without the jewelry of course).

How could you not love these guys?  They may end up with faces but everything I've tried so far was a no go.  We shall see...a work in progress until Christmas!  Thanks for checking in though!

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