Sunday, September 25, 2011

Total DYE failure.

No, that is not a misspelling of DIY.

This was a DYE failure.

Back in college I spent most of my time in the costume shop and one particular area that I loved the most was using the dye vat. It was one of those huge soup kettles and you could fill it with water and heat it up and empty it all without lifting anything. I was always amazed at the changes that could occur to a piece of fabric with just a few granules of dye. I liked mixing colors and stirring it all around and testing little strips to see how the fabric reacted and what changes were needed to achieve the color you were looking for. It was my version of a science experiment.

So while I was at home the other day with a sick Sam I figured it would be a good time to try out a project I had been meaning to do for awhile.

We have a desk from Ikea in our room that holds our massive computer. The desk itself cost me about $20 and I knew from the get-go that I would be sewing a skirt/cover for it so I wasn't concerned with aesthetics, just cost, when I purchased it. I also had a large piece of glass cut for the top which brought the total to about $60 for the whole thing. (You can see the glass in the video from here.)

I had used some old tab-top canvas curtains from my mom to sew a skirt for it. They were cream colored and I had planned on dyeing them so when I took the glass off for the photoshoot I figured it was a good time to go ahead and wash and dye the cover.

I was inspired by this post from Sherry over at YHL and since we have the same washing machine I just followed her instructions.

 Basically what you do for a front loader is dissolve the dye packet in warm water, dissolve a cup of salt in warm water, pour salt water and dye water into washing machine and then add the wet fabric. I used the Heavy Duty cycle with an extra rinse.

Sam woke up mid-process so he had a good time staring at the washing machine go round and round.

But then I took the cover out and noticed this...

Bummer. So here's my question. I also have a packet of navy blue dye. Do I go ahead and try to dye it navy blue and see what happens? Or do either of you have any other brilliant ideas for masking this? It's one out of three sides that has turned sort of purple.

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