Sunday, September 18, 2011

Xmas Inspiration

Pant Stretcher Conundrum
They do look very similar...BUT...what are the things at the ends? What do they do?  They look like the hook onto something.  hmm.  AND I want to see the magazine rack.  POST IT SISTER!


I always start to plan around this time for my favorite time of the year.  Most of you know about my handmade Christmas resolution and Project #1 , Project #2, and Project #3, so you know where my head is at already.  And yes I can admit that I am insane...but're reading this so on some level you have to admit you enjoy  Alot of people have been pinning Christmas items on Pinterest and it's fueled my fire.  So I thought I'd share some of my inspirations with you and maybe get your feed back on how we can achieve and what you guys LOVE!

I LOVE antiques and I would LOVE to find some antique handpainted ornaments.  AND to top it off I saw an antique drying rack just like this at the antqiue store just the other day.  I LOVE THIS!

Do you use a tree skirt?  I used this idea last year and loved it.  As many of you know from this post, I have a little dog who LOVES to mark his territory and that includes Christmas tree skirts.  Our first Christmas with Revel I handmade stockings and a skirt to match and T ruined it.  So whatcha think?

How about this curb appeal?  BEAUTIFUL! 

Remember my obsession with burlap?  How about Burlap stockings?  SERIOUSLY! And check out the basket under the tree...beautiful!

Beautiful mantel!  And the white stockings are too cute!  Great mix of vintage and new.
And so I leave you with all of this inspirations.  What you do with it is your 

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