Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween: Awkwardly Timed

First -- Emily, LOVE the "No Pie" picture. I think it is perfect and we should adopt it immediately. Also, I now want a shirt with it on there. Because, you know, I need more shirts with obscure references that only I get. :)

So, Sheila, I really enjoyed looking at your kids' costumes (and by "kids" I also mean "your dog and husband"). And did you make that Peter Pan hat?? ...I am a little jealous that I don't have tiny people to dress up at my whims, but I can live without that for awhile longer yet. And also, Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays ever. I find it a very accepting holiday. I mean, when else can you pump gas dressed as Wonder Woman and nobody bats an eye? (Ok, I am a little judgmental about the "Sexy ____" costumes, but that's more because they lack imagination than the fact that they're sleazy.)

Sadly, this year I will not be celebrating Halloween, because my friend Vycki is getting married that weekend, so the only dressing up I will be doing will be formal-wear appropriate. But fun in its own ways! :)

In lieu of ideas for this year,  here are a couple of the costumes I've done in the past (as you will notice, I like to drag everyone else in there with me when I can, too. I should've gone into theater set design or something....):

So I had been wanting to be the Princess from the Super Mario Brother for FOREVER, but obviously in order to distinguish exactly which princess you ARE, you have to have the rest of the crew. Imagine my happiness when Alex's friend Ben told me he was going to be in town for Halloween a couple of years ago -- he's tall and lanky and brunette, and my first thought was: LUIGI! So I convinced Alex this was a great idea (see above), and then roped in our friend Charlie to be the little mushroom guy (who has a name but I can't remember it right now).

It turned out PERfectly. I even made Charlie the coolest mushroom hat, out of those spiral-wire Halloween goody baskets, and used a T-shirt that I stuffed with pillow stuffing. People kept trying to steal it all night at the bar, which I guess equals success. Also, Ben was a good sport about it -- see below, where he was "morphing down the pipe" a la video game:

 Two years ago, I think, the boys wanted to go as gladiators (I don't know), so I made some quick togas for myself, Marie and Kristina so we could match. (That's Marie's fiancee and her soon-to-be brother-in-law)

 And several years ago when I was still in Northwest Arkansas (Alex was in law school there, it was not my top choice of locales, shall we say), I did my favorite costume EVER: Wonder Woman! I even got several of the other girls at the sign shop I worked at to be other super heroines as well (you can see She-Ra, among others).

I miss working somewhere I can wear short-shorts with spangles. (Although, note to anyone DIY-ing yourself some spangled shorts: Be judicious when sewing the stars on the bottom area. Those suckers are POINTY when you sit down!)

I was hunting for the picture of the year Alex and I were Marge and Homer Simpson, which I JUST saw a picture of, but I can't find it for some reason. If I do, I'll put it up here, because the hair was a feat in itself. (Lots of styrofoam. Also, I ran into things the whole night, suddenly being like a foot taller.)

UPDATE: Found it! (Thanks Marie!)

Anyway, Sheila, I want to see your ideas for Scooby-Doo -- you will have my undying respect if you can pull that off in a DIY way! :)

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