Sunday, October 9, 2011


Em- I love the pic!  I have to admit it took me a few minutes to see first I was like "What is she talking about?" but I'm on the boat now. 

So???? What's everyone been up to?  It is October...and you know what that means!  HALLOWEEN!  I love these next three months more than life itself.  Not so much the raking leaves or crazy weather changes, but the holidays with friends and family and the beautiful moments spent with my little ones.

So whatcha gonna be for Halloween?

This is a much talked about topic in our house.  As of right now (which will definitely change before the big day) Revel wants to be a ninja and Ollie wants to be..................wait for it..................wait for it............SCOOBIE DOO!  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff...HONESTLY!  But like I said, I'm sure it will all changes. 

On top of my children's costume, we hosted an adult costume party last year and we are making a second annual run at it.  Last year I was a robot (we had just moved and I had TONS of boxes) and my husband...bless his little heart....was the Ultimate Warrior (google it, I didn't know who he was either).  But I'm kind of at a loss for costumes this year.  Talk of the cast of Jersey Shore has ben thrown around a few times but we'll see.  So here are some pics from the past few years of Halloween.

These are from last year (no he's not  And Ollie is the tooth fairy and Revel is Cpt America (DUH!).

This is Ollie's first Halloween...Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (poor kid...look at that hair, she really didn't have any until she turned 2.)  And of course Trouble, he hates me for this....but I do it every year....GET USED TO IT TROUBLE!

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