Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seafood? I eat it. (after having babies)

Let me start out by saying...WOW...what has happened in the last few months?  So I am going to give you a little bit of an update.  I'll try to keep it short and sweet so I can get to the topic at hand.

First off, last we spoke I had gotten a temp job at a local tank manufacturer.  It was only supposed to last 4 weeks and ended up lasting nearly 3 months and only ended because...DUN DUN DUN...I got a new job.  PERMANENT JOB!  It's only part time...which is going to work out perfect....and I do admin stuff for one of the government contractors on the Naval Base here.  So you know what part time means for you guys?  More time for pie!

My second update is very sad and many of you have probably already heard my terrible news.  I have written many times on here about my dogs and have considered them part of my family, one of the kids.  But about a month ago, our mini weiner got hit by a car.  It was absolutely awful and our kids have had a hard time with it and of course we have too.  He was our first born.  RIP Trouble!

Alright!  Now on to something a little more up beat....weight 
Before I got pregnant with my first, Revel, which was when I was all of 24 years old, I was a complete toothpick.  I don't know what I weighed, but I would say less than 120lbs.  I wore a 2 (it's been a llloonnnggg time since those days).  Anyhow, I didn't work when I was pregnant with Revel and I totally sat in bed and ate bonbons ALL.DAY.LONG.  No joke!  I slept till 2pm, ate in bed, watched tv in bed....I was lazy for 9 months.  But...I was still a toothpick.  I could wear my regular jeans until I was 7 months.  Then I had my 7lb 2oz baby, which didn't equate to the 40lbs I gained.  But again, I was young and lived in an urban area where I walked everywhere I went.  I worked hard at watching what I ate and getting a normal amount of exercise in...nothing too strenuous.  And I did lose most of the weight.  I would say I kept 10 lbs maybe (I never weigh myself.  I just don't want to obsess about numbers)  But no matter how much weight I got off, things were never going to be the same again.  I never wore ANY of my pre-preggo pants again(I gave them to my mom...I know depressing right?).  But I was still pretty tiny and definitely didn't complain too much.

Now I'd like to if you're not in the mood...just skip this whole section.  I have friends that were actually smaller after they had their babies than before and they weren't large people to begin with.  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?  AND HOW DID I MISS THE SIGN UP?  I don't get it!

AND THEN CAME OLLIE!  Thanks goodness she's cute because she ruined me! First of all I'd like to say that I worked my butt off when I was pregnant with Princess Ollie.  I owned my own business and had a part-time job AND ran around after a toddler.  But I had to wear maternity clothes almost immediately, I would say within the first 3 months.  And by the time I was 9 months I was as big as a house  HUGE!  I gained the same amount of weight as with Revel, but boy did I carry it differently this time.  I was big ALL OVER!  My face gained does that happen?  So then I had her..all of 7 lbs and I was miserable.  First of all, if you know me, or even seen my pics on fb you know that I am heavy up top..yes meaning the boobs.  When I had Ollie I was a 36 E..I am only 5 ft people...I can't be that big. 

Anyway, back to my at my 6 week check up I basically hadn't lost a lb since having her and had decided to use an IUD (Mirena to be exact) for birth control.  And let me tell you people...I have not lost 1 lb or 1 pant size since.  I have worked my butt off from torturing myself at the gym..practically starving myself...diets...everything possible.  I still own and wear regularly the jeans I bought 2 weeks after having her.

So recently I got fed up with it.  I had always heard that birth control in general can make you gain weight.  And although it had never been a problem for me in the past, maybe 2 1/2 years later it's time to admit it could have SOMETHING to do wtih it.  Well okay.  I ranted to several friends who inevitably gave me the,"you know Sheila, you're not getting any younger" speech.  But I just didn't feel right.  I mean basically I still looked pregnant.  So about 1 1/2 month ago, I had it removed...


I have already lost 1 bra size and 6lbs without even trying.  (It is the holidays, I can't be responsible for what goes in my mouth this time of year).  Soooo...I guess in conclusion, will NEVER be the same again, but we aren't 21 anymore.  However, if you think this stage is CAN get

Alyda, aren't you ready for all this?  Believe me, it's inevitable, and it will only get harder to handle the older you are.

And as for your hair answer to that...cut it off...worked for me. =) Other than the color of mine getting darker, it didn't change much after I was pregnant.  Guess I had one thing going for

But truly are a beautiful mom.  We all have those inner beauty struggle, and sometimes we maintain better than others...but happy and healthy is the most important thing.  Love you girls!

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