Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Verdict on the hair treatment

So I broke down and took a shower. It's a little early. I think I made it 42 hours instead of 48 but Sam has a 12 month check up at 1:30 and I wasn't about to roll into the doctor's office with the oil slick that had taken up residence on my head. Truthfully, it didn't look that bad although Reid might beg to differ on that one.

I noticed this morning that a lot of my fly-aways had been tamed and it was pretty smooth but that could just be from not washing it for two days.

The packaging said to be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner which I luckily already had. Have you ever tried this shampoo? It is amazing. So luxurious feeling. I don't care for the conditioner but the shampoo is definitely worth a try. I've also heard good things about the Organix Moroccan Oil shampoo line but haven't tried it myself.

Ok so on to the verdict:

After drying, my hair definitely felt smoother and lighter, like each strand weighed less somehow. I wouldn't say it's super straight but the ends don't flip as much as they had been. My stylist told me that the salon treatment would make my hair look flat-ironed even without blow drying so while that is definitely not the case here I would say that it is noticeably smoother.

After a few swipes with the flat iron (which is a crappy Conair model), I can definitely tell that something has changed. The ends seem to hold the straightening better than before and it's less fuzzy up around my scalp. Hello, no halo!

I still have half a bottle of the treatment left and could probably do it again in a couple of weeks if I wanted. I wouldn't have the pre-shampoo but all that really did was remove any build up and I could probably do that with a homemade mix.

My stylist spoke very highly of the salon treatment they do and said there's two different levels you can get. One lasts 4-6 weeks and costs $125 and the other lasts 3 months and costs $300. Both of those things really depend on how much you wash your hair (just like hair color) and since I only ever wash my hair every other day it would probably last longer for me. It also would only take 3 or 4 hours in the salon instead of 48 hours at home so I'm inclined to think it would be worth it.

I also just realized I have a hair color appointment on Friday and the chemicals from that could just remove all the Keratin I just put in my hair but that's the price of beauty, right?

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