Monday, January 16, 2012


I made these this weekend for my friend Sarah's baby shower. She is a huge Dr. Seuss fan, and is using that as the theme for the baby's room. I had seen the cupcakes for Thing 1 and Thing 2 online, but I wanted to do the Cat in the Hat's hat. I spent a loooong time lurking in the candy aisle in the grocery store trying to figure out how to manage the hat part. My main issue was, I could do lifesavers but the flavors wouldn't be right (Winterfresh on a chocolate cupcake? No, thank you!), and I wanted the toppers to be not just EDIBLE, but something people would actually EAT.

What I ended up going with? Marshmallows, mushed slightly to be more column-shaped, and red and white candy melts. (There are not pictures of this in-process because I was in a rush at the time.) It was pretty simple, albeit time-consuming. I just dipped the marshmallows in the candy melts, alternating between red and white and placing on waxed paper. (You have to let each layer dry before you do the next one.) On the last layer, I over-dipped the white candy melts and let them pool around the bottom to form the "brim" of the hat.

The cupcakes are the amazing recipe found here at Lick the Bowl Good. It's meant to be a bundt cake but it sounded AMAZING for cupcakes, and it was. I will warn you here, however, that while most cake recipes make 24 cupcakes, this one made 48. Just, you know, fyi in case you're making cupcakes at midnight and think you only  have one set to go through the oven.....

The cupcakes are in ruffled liners from Joann's, although I disagree with their interpretation of "teal." I mixed up some basic vanilla frosting (the recipe is in a book at home or I'd link to it here), and then colored one half red and the other teal, so I could do alternating icing. Then I sprinkled little sugar sprinkles over the tops to be pretty (because I got lazy making hats out of marshmallows that had to be dipped and then dried, so I only made 12). As always,  I cannot recommend enough the trick with parchment bags and the 1M cake tip for making those beautiful, professional-looking swirled tops. It is WAY faster and looks so much better than "buttering" the cupcakes!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I promise to document faithfully next post. :)

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