Monday, January 9, 2012

Score One(sies)!

So we have some friends who are having their first baby (hi, Abbie and Brandon!) and they are our big tailgating buddies in Tuscaloosa for game day. Brandon and his family always host an amazing, incredibly complicated and intense tailgate, which is great when (like Alex and I) you don't have season tickets but you want to hang out near the stadium and feel like you're a part of the experience. Along with a ton of other wonderful people who help set up and take down and grill and put up insane TV setups and about 80 bajillion foldable canvas chairs, Brandon's family makes it possible for us to pretend we're still in college during the fall. So when they announced they were having a little boy, Alex wanted to get them a bunch of football-related onesies. I was all for it until I saw how expensive they can be, at least the ones with the cute sayings. So we compromised and I bought blank onesies to decorate.

I went to go buy puff paint (my only real experience with fabric paint until now), and here is where I found the wonderful world of fabric PENS. Like paint pens, except for clothes!

I cannot EVEN EXPLAIN how excited this made me! It meant I could do little detailed things by hand, which opened up a world of possibilities. So anyway, now that I am the proud owner of entirely too many fabric pens (Michael's had a sale, and Joann's had coupons. Don't judge me.), I can show you my first attempts at baby onesies. I did a few football ones, and then a bib that I ran into online that I just thought was really funny:

Close-up of the elephant, which was the hardest (I painted the houndstooth on with puff paint because the fabric pen didn't get dark enough at the time. I now have a new, blacker paint pen that would have worked, but in the meantime that was what I had to work with):

Aren't they cute? And now I want to fabric pen EVERYTHING.

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