Monday, April 30, 2012

City Fresh Eggs

Alyda, I don’t know how you stay so thin.  The past few months while you’ve been literally holding this blog together on your own (nice job…btw), I think I’ve gained 10 lbs just reading your posts.  I have to say I am sooo jealous of your baking talent and wish that I even had the motivation to hop to it in the kitchen.
Now…what to write about now that I have been MIA for what feels like FOREVER!  There are so many things that have happened, oh where to start. 
Well…we shall start with the chickens.  If you remember this post back in February where if I didn’t get chickens I was going to die…I mean literally….just take my last breath.  Well it happened.  I loaded this family of 4 up just before Easter and toted them down to Tractor Supply and stood at the check out with 4 (hopefully female) (two Barred Rock and two Rhode Island Red) chicks and all the goodies that come along with raising these cute littler fur balls.
And we took them home.  The other animals were not impressed but poor Riley has lived through two children and many many MANY animals walking through this house.  You could say she was one of the founders of the Baker family…=).  Thanks Riley for putting up with us.
Here is Pan checking them out.  I have to say he is still just as infatuated with them now as he was then.  Here they are approximately 1 week old.  Aren’t they too cute?  Their names are: Little Fluffy, Fluffy, Nugget, Penny (bet you can’t tell which ones the kids named…lol).
Next step is the coop.  I searched and scoured the internet for what would be best for my girls and I decided a chicken tractor would suit us best.  Basically a chicken tractor is just a mobile chicken coop.  This way I don’t have to worry about them ruining the grass or the smell getting too bad, we can just move it around.
Here’s a pic of the coop.  I have to say I may have a slight obsession with power tools now…MAYBE…just MAYBE.
And here they are now.   At about 9 weeks old, they have been permanently living outside now for about 3 weeks and it is wonderful.  Between you and me….the garage was starting to smell like a barnyard…YIKES!  (I can’t imagine why….lol)  And now that we have a good routine down, they are almost no up keep.  I make sure they have food and water once a day and move the coop about every week or two and that’s all they require.  Now for the eggs.  I have read that they won’t lay for another 16 weeks, so around September, we will have farm fresh, or in this case, city fresh eggs.

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