Monday, July 2, 2012

"Did you tell me when I wasn't listening?" and other gems from home remodeling

So I know I promised you all a post on blackberry goodies, but it has been too dang hot to bake. I'm sorry. Between being on the top floor and facing the sun during the day, our little condo has issues cooling down on the best of summer days, and this heat wave was just too much. The air's been running constantly for the past few days (dear Georgia Power, could you hold off on that bill for a bit??), and it still heats up during the day. I actually didn't turn the stove on all weekend for fear it would never be cool again.

Also, I ate all the blackberries.

So, there's that.

However! I did do something productive, in between bouts of maths homework. I had been collecting bits to redecorate our bedroom for nearly a year now, and Alex was out of town so I figured it was the best time to go for it. (He does not like living in the chaos that is in-process home repair. I am fine sleeping without any type of window coverings, and possibly on the couch because you can't get to the bed, and having to eat sitting on the floor because you can't get to any of the furniture. Alex, not so much. He gets cranky.)

I will get into details in a minute, but first, here was the discussion Alex and I had when he got home. I think he wouldn't have even noticed the changes except for the fact that I painted his mini-fridge-as-bedside-table:

Alex: It's just that I've had this fridge forever-
Alex: - and it was nice and classy when it was black.
Me: ....
Alex: *heaving sigh* I guess it's fine. I just wish you'd asked me.
Me: I TOLD YOU I was going to paint the fridge. More than once.
Alex: Did you tell me when I wasn't listening?
Me: ....(apparently?)
Me: Your fridge is still the same fridge. It's just a different color. It still does fridge-y-type stuff. Anyway, I also painted four walls, three canvases, a chest of drawers, my desk, two lamps and the curtain rods. Your fridge was just a casualty of war.
Alex: *sad face*

I want you to read that line in bold again. That, my friends, that is marriage, summed up in one sentence.

ANYway. Our bedroom has been making me crazy for awhile. I love, love color normally to decorate with, but this bedroom is super small and always so dark from Alex's must-be-blackout-like-a-basement-without-windows approach to sleeping, and it was feeling very cave-like. Not so much restful as morbidly oppressive. In my head, the fix for this was to go really light on everything, so even when it was dimly lit it would not feel "dark." I settled on a wall color that was a gray so light it was almost white, and white accents.

Please note here that I spent nearly an hour standing in Lowe's and holding swatches of indistinguishable gray tones up to a white. It actually was very hard for me to pick -- I was terrified I'd get something too dark once it was on the wall and we'd go right back to the cave. Also, I wanted a blue-gray and not a tan-gray, and that proved to be much harder than I thought. ANYway, I finally just picked one and relied on the Valspar "Love Your Color" approach, where they will refund you if you end up wanting a different shade. Fortunately, it turned out to be the right color (I did spend a few minutes hyperventilating after I painted the first wall, because it just looked white. The same color as the trim. I thought I'd gone TOO light. However, it dried darker and I de-stressed.)

As you all know, I prefer the Lazy Approach to all things DIY, so I moved a lot of things to the living room and basically just shifted furniture out from each wall as I painted it. This is obviously not the recommended approach, as then you have to cover all the important furniture with dropcloths and work around them, but again, I'm lazy.

So! Here are the results:

Before (the brown wall came with the condo and at the time, I went with it) and After (note the white min-fridge).

Before (I should have taken befores with the windows shut because that is always how they are, thanks to Alex's light phobia,and it was SO DARK. You can't really tell here), After, and After+Night (and Alex's gym bag since he got back from the trip in between the two pictures). Also, that chest of drawers came from Alex's parents are all nicely refinished, so I can't paint them. They don't match, but oh well.

Before, After, and After+Night.

I realized I took a Before here but not an After. I'll take one tonight, sorry about that. I painted the desk white and it looks nice and clean.

I feel like things are a lot cleaner. I need to paint the ceiling fan still, but considering I painted all that other stuff, I feel like I did a lot on one weekend in between math homework. I reused the existing curtain rods and lamps and just spray-painted them. I have another step to the window treatment that I will hopefully finish Wednesday and will feature at a later point.

Also, I painted the dresser that at one time I started to paint red, and then stopped, and I put on new knobs. I also bought new lamp shades because mine was broken and I wanted them to match. Also, the curtains are actually cut-rate fabric shower curtains and rings from Tuesday Morning, and the two white fuzzy rugs next to the bed are bath mats that felt really nice. And also were cheap. I did have to buy a new duvet cover, but we needed one anyway, and also a dust ruffle. I have some details here and there that I'll run in a later post as well.

I also have decided it's TOO MUCH light, and now I want an accent color. Probably I will paint the lamps an aquamarine and put some in the canvases above the bed (eventually, I will do a headboard, but not now). Maybe Wednesday.  I'll post if I do.

Also. Alex's favorite thing in the whole room?

This thing, which I put on the back of our bedroom door where the ironing board is:

I kid you not. The joys of married life. :)