Saturday, October 27, 2012

I got my fix!

It came! My first box from StitchFix.

I originally heard about this awesome new website from a post that Melissa over at Dear Baby did awhile back. You can read it here.

Basically it's a personal shopping service. You fill out this survey and someone pulls 5 items that seem like things you would like and they send them to you. There's a $20 fee for each fix but if you keep any of the items the $20 gets used as a credit toward your purchase. If you like all 5 items then you get the $20 plus 25% off the total. I signed up right after reading Melissa's post and like any good thing I had to wait. No instant gratification here. I signed up at the end of August after reading her post and just got my invite last week but I had forgotten all about it at that point so it was actually a pretty awesome surprise to get the email.

The reason I'm so excited about this is that I feel like I'm at a new stage in my life. I no longer have to actually leave the house to go to my "job" which means I can wear jeans or pajama pants every day if I want to. But sometimes I DO like to leave the house and when I do I try to at least look like I put myself together although more times than not I'm probably wearing a t-shirt. Hence the need for some style help.

Mostly I told them that I'm not looking for anything super daring or to change my style. I like things pretty classic and preppy. You get to select the price range your comfortable with and I chose the cheapest one. Since my weight is still fluctuating a lot and only a handful of my pre-Sam clothes still fit I try not to spend too much on any one item.

You can request a fix as often as you like or schedule it so a box comes once a month. I'm on the once a month plan right now but if you're looking for something special or just have a little extra money in the budget that month you could always get a couple of fixes.

So without further adieu, here's what came in my box.

The first two things I pulled out were the leggings and the jacket and I thought "whoa, this is not going to be good." But then I saw the two sweaters and got excited because they were much more my speed.

The first thing I tried on were the pants which were the Genoa Seamed Ponte Knit Pant by RD Style. Definitely a no-go. I didn't even take a picture. They were itchy and thick and ill-fitting. The waistline is wide bands of elastic which should have been comfy but just wasn't. I didn't think I'd like them and I wasn't wrong. Not to mention that part of the joy of quitting your day job is you can wear jeans every day so I don't really have a need for a non-denim pair of pants right now. Moving on.

Since the pants were so bad I put on my skinny jeans and boots since that is the likely combo I'll be using when wearing these next items. The next thing I tried on because I was on the fence about it was the cowl neck top seen in the upper left of the pic. It's by Natural Life and is the Chaimbers Knit Cowl neck Top and it can be mine for $48. That's more than I normally pay for a top but isn't the point of this whole venture that I'm tired of wearing Target shirts that never fit right after I wash them? I didn't want to like it but I surprisingly did. It's loose in the body, isn't too short and there's a nice drape to the fabric. I like the 3/4 sleeves but I'm worried it's not very practical for winter up here.

I tried on the jacket next because I wanted to save the striped sweater for last since I figured I would like it the most. The jacket was a bold pick. It's the Marquisa 3/4 sleeve Cupro Jacket from Line & Dot. It's silk which isn't super practical for every day but I thought maybe it could be cute for a night out. The gold zippers weren't really my style but I threw on a black turtleneck and tried on the jacket. There's no pics but mainly because it really didn't fit. I could barely zip it up and the sleeves were way too tight. Obviously it was too small and I'm not sure I would have liked it if it was a bigger size anyway. That's one of the things with StitchFix. If you really like something but it doesn't fit quite right then there's no sending it back to exchange for another size. It either fits or it doesn't. You give them a bunch of personal sizing information in your survey and they seem to be spot on so far with the exception of the jacket.

Ok so I think I also threw on the scarf somewhere in between here and wasn't really impressed. It's the Whisper Weight Modal Scarf from Orchid Enterprises. I like my scarves thick and chunky or pashmina-shawl-y if that makes sense. It seemed a little too precious for my day to day life. I could just picture snagging it on a shopping cart or Sam blowing his nose in it when he nuzzles my neck. So the sweater above is the last thing I tried on and I really like it. I wish it was a little longer in front but one of the things I like so much is that it's extra long in the back. That asymmetrical hemline really got me. It'll give me the extra coverage I need when I bend over and pick up my phone that Sam has dropped....again.

So all in all I would say it was pretty successful. I'm waiting for Reid to get home to see what he thinks about the two sweaters since I always value a second opinion. 

Here is the breakdown of prices for all the items:

Scarf: $35
Jacket: $90
Pants: $44
Striped Sweater: $55
Cowl neck Sweater: $48

So after I decide what to keep, I bag up the rest and send it back. Shipping is free both ways and the return shipping bag is included in the box so I don't have to do anything except put it outside for the mailman to pick up. I can go online to my profile and tell them what I liked or didn't like about their choices and then hopefully next time I'll get an even better fix. 

I was worried that everything was going to be a little too daring for me so I did some googling after I got my invite and found that a lot of people have done awesome reviews of the various boxes they've received. If you're interested in signing up yourself you can use this link and I'll get a credit when you get your first fix! 

So what do you think? Should I keep both sweaters? Do you think that jacket was awesome or a big fat stinker? Do tell.

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