Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Push it. Push it real good.

Lame, I know. Sorry. Time to get back on the blogging band wagon.

Most of you already know that I'm now a full time stay at home mom and Sam is now a full time stay at home kid. We used to be able to get away with having very few toys around the house because he did most of his playing during the day at school and when he was home with us we spent a lot of time out of the house (i.e. borrowing our neighbor's pool or traveling with Reid for work to various cow-related events). So now here we are, sorely lacking in the toy department and attempting to make up for it in the cheapest way possible.

Craigslist is my new best friend. I downloaded an awesome app (this one to be more specific) and it lets me browse any cities and all the various categories in a newspaper style setting. The awesome thing about it is that if there are pictures in the ad then you can see them and read a quick blurb about the item without even having to click on it. Love it.

So far I've found a bee costume for $3. Halloween is coming and the Bee Movie is his favorite so I thought we might be able to make it work. Jury is still out on that one. I hate Halloween and he won't let me get it over his head. Luckily it looks pretty big so maybe next year....

I also scored a pretty awesome Brio train table, brand new and still in the box. It's the Network Play Table and it has all these little magnet men that look like robots. Everything about it is computer related so it's a little nerdy but he seems to get a kick out of it. We haven't assembled the base and probably won't any time soon. My plan right now is to attach some casters and slide it under a bed for storage. It was $50.

My latest find is a Kidcraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set in like new condition for $50 which regularly retails for around $150. It's like a dollhouse for boys. We are actually going to save this for Sam's birthday in December. Hopefully we'll be into a new house by then and we'll have somewhere to put it.

Alright so here's my question. Every time we went to visit a friend's house and there was a baby stroller around Sam immediately gravitated to it. So when we were up here for the fair back in August and staying in a hotel for a week I bought him a baby doll and stroller set from Target as a "good job on that ridiculously long car ride and week in a hotel" gift. He adores it. The baby eats with him and goes "night night" and he likes to take her on walks and bring her to the zoo. He loves her and so do I. There are plenty of times that I've used the baby to convince him to do something by saying "Look Sam, the baby has pants on." Since we've started taking her out of the house more my question is this, do I spray paint the stroller a masculine color and put boy clothes on the baby or just leave it as is? This is what she looks like now.

So yay or nay on the masculinization (not a word, I know) of the baby stroller? And, yes, I realize I could have bought a non-pink one to start with but they don't sell those in stores and I'm too impatient to wait for stuff I order online.


  1. Love the dollhouse for boys! And I vote leave the baby a girl and leave her stroller pink. P.S. I'm totally jealous of you being a stay-at-home mom. I know it has plenty of challenges but I know you can make it work! There is an awesome blog you should check out, Play at Home Mom, they have some really cool ideas of low budget things to make and do together. - Amie

  2. Thanks Amie! There's a local store here called Meijer that sells a wooden dollhouse that is very gender neutral and wooden which basically means it's expensive that I had considered getting but I think the firehouse will work for now. It's quite the find if you ask me. :)

  3. I would paint the stroller. I have two girls and two boys, so my boys play with dolls and all the other 'girl' stuff. My five year old is apparently very twenty first century and shrugs and says 'I like all colors, even pink' and 'some boys like dolls and some boys don't' and I'm SO proud of him...but other boys aren't always so awesome. I try not to let him bring anything pink to school, and our doll stroller is navy blue. I sort of worry that I'm going to turn him into some sort of male chauvinist pig, but right now that fear is less than the fear that he'll be bullied when we're out of the house.