Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

I'm enjoying a quiet moment while I wait for Sam to wake up from his nap so we can go to Target and I can spend some Christmas cash on some new make up. One of Reid's requests lately has been that I dress a little more lady like so I made that one of my resolutions for the year. (And, no, he's not some control freak. He just has to look at me all the time and would prefer I stop wearing men's clothing which doesn't seem like too much to ask so I'm working on it.)

No more sleeping in old, stained no longer white men's v-neck t-shirts. Instead I stocked up on new pjs when Target put their holiday gift sets on sale for $8. Can I just say how much I love flannel? Seriously, I could live in the two sets of flannel pjs I got but I think that's the opposite of what Reid was asking for so they will stay sleepwear. I also got four sets of the knit top/bottom sets for when its not quite so cold, you know, when next summer gets here. Brrrr.......

I also threw out my favorite yoga pants. I had three pairs so I replaced them with some leggings from H&M and so far I'm loving that switch also. Let's be honest here. Those old yoga pants were from my pre-Sam days AND were worn during and after being pregnant so needless to say there wasn't a whole lotta stretch left in those babies. They served me well and now it is time for them to be laid to rest. RIP yoga pants. I will miss you and your fold over waist band that I rarely folded over which really just means they looked like maternity pants. :)

As for make up, I recently bought a new tin of Benefit's Dr. Feelgood. That stuff is amazing. It's like wearing a powder with no color. It mattifies and makes your skin feel smooth. I bought my first tin when I lived in London years ago and I was excited to see they still sell it. It's a little pricey but totally worth it. It can be worn alone or under make up. I'm planning to wear it alone every day and dab on a little mascara and call it done. Don't want to go too nuts. I have some Bare Minerals make up but I'm tired of it so if anyone wants it holler and I'll send it to you before I trash it. It's the light and fairly light combo pack with the mineral veil, and glee and warmth.

I used to use Neutrogena Clean Tint mascara but I can't seem to find it anymore. It was this awesome stuff that gradually darkened your lashes after repeated wearing. It was super light and non-clumpy and washed off easy. Not sure what I'll replace it with but I'll let you know if I find something amazing.

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