Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seeking opinions re: kitchen sink

When we bought this house it had the same old standard double bowl stainless sink that a lot of people have.

Seeing as how we were spoiled by our giant-1930's-cast iron-single bowl-double drainboard monster of a kitchen sink at our last house, it goes without saying that this new sink we have just isn't cutting it. You can see it in the background of this pic. Ignore the dishes all over it. I was in the middle of a Top Chef cook fest. Trust me, it was a thing of beauty.

So we are in the market for a new kitchen sink. And a new faucet. And new countertops.

Don't you just love how home renovations spiral that way? You start off with a simple statement of "I hate this sink" and your spouse chimes in with "I hate this faucet" and you both realize the other is also right and decide that if you're going to change out one it's easier to do both and yadda, yadda, yadda.

So I'll start with our first dilemma and the reason I'm asking for input. Our first instinct was to go with a single bowl. That's a given. But then the choice came down to materials.

Do we stick with cast iron like we had previously knowing it's a little pricier or do we go with stainless?

Here is the first sink I'm considering.

American Standard Multi-Function Sink

Here's a really neat video of how it works.

So basically this is the best of both worlds, although I don't really consider a double sink to be great so I'm not sure I need all this. You get a large single basin sink. But you also get a smaller basin that sits inside the large basin on a track as well as a cutting board and colander that all sit along the same track. The smaller basin has it's own drain that basically drains into the large sink and then out the regular drain. It also has feet on it that allow it to stand flat if placed on the counter.

Pros: single basin, less expensive than the cast iron, no worries about scorching/scratching/etc., comes with accessories which are always fun.

Cons: our hard water makes it difficult to keep clean looking, where do I store all those accessories if I don't use them regularly?

Our second and original option is this one.

Kohler Cape Dory Kitchen Sink

There isn't a ton to say about this one. It's Kohler so that means it's guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn. It also means $$$$. This one is almost twice the cost of the other one. What is it about single bowl sinks that makes them so much more expensive than double bowls? 

Pros: single basin, lifetime guarantee so if something happens we have that, material we're accustomed to living with.

Cons: expensive compared to stainless.

So any opinions? I can't seem to make a decision. 

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