Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution #1….to resurrect this blog! And Emily…Alyda…I have nominated the two of you to help (I know… can thank me later). I have to admit…I miss it. And although I’m not a stay-at-home mom anymore, and my interests have changed just slightly (however I still love to rip a bathroom out and paint a wall like nobody’s business) I miss telling all about it. Venting my day’s frustration and learning something from you guys along the way. Now that I’ve gotten the mushy stuff out of the way, let’s move on.
This blog post is going to go over, mainly for myself to remember, my list of New Year’s Resolutions. I keep a list like this every year and I usually accomplish most if not all of what I set out. Now none of them are the usual resolutions so keep that in mind. This list is just to keep my mind moving forward and never sitting stagnant. Always have an attainable goal and keeping my family and myself motivated to make positive choices and changes. So here we go…..
#2 (because #1 is to do this more often) Run 624 miles this year. Technically that’s 12 miles a week for 52 weeks. Now obviously I’m not going to run 12 miles EVERY SINGLE week this year (although that would be awesome) but I realize that Life happens. Sick kids, sick husband, hell sick dog…and it all takes time. But it shouldn’t be too hard considering resolution #3 & 4.
#3 To complete my first Triathlon. Big deal right! At least it will be for me. Having said this kinda makes just 12 miles of running a week seem like a breeze.
#4 To complete my first Half Marathon. Again! 12 miles a week will be nothing in training for this bad boy.
#5 Take a vacation!!!! Ahhh! Go somewhere I’ve never been. Go somewhere we’ve always wanted to go. Go somewhere that makes you realize the world is so much bigger than your little corner of it.
#6 (this is always on my list every year) Buy a piece of art. Now I don’t mean an original Van Gogh….but something that speaks to your soul. Something you come across somewhere that makes me have to have it. I love antiques and things with soul so this usually is no problem for me each year. I usually buy lots of "art". But nonetheless I think it’s important to make it a goal. These items give me creative inspiration and feed my soul. One more thing to keep me going…keep me off the computer and out of the house. Ideal to instill in my children. Surrounding yourself with things that mean something to you (people included) is far more important than just owning "things".
Alright…I’m done. Now this is written in stone and I can’t avoid it. Now don’t think I’m done sewing or remodeling or cooking or raising chickens. Just thought I should share the things that will motivate me this year.

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